Friday, April 13, 2012

Birds & Cars - Souls from Afar Dancing with the Stars (pt.2)

This morning dance started with the birds.  I lay in bed a handful of March mornings ago wondering whether I was imagining hearing the birds or if they really were singing. 

The first time I stepped outside my home only miles from the heart of the city I could have been in an arboretum.  The air was filled with sweet tweets. 

This morning the birds are joined by another sound, the hum of cars something unheard on warm mornings prior.  The cold air transports the sound as cars transport people to their places for the day.  In the distance, I hear the birds. It’s as if they’re singing from the other side or some faraway land. 

We’ve often wondered aloud where birds really sleep at night.  I suspect they go to another realm and as morning nears their sweet songs herald their return.  This particular morning, I hear them flying in from wherever they’ve been and I think of the cars as souls coming in from the stars, children choosing to be born today entering this earthly plane, dancing in on a starry freeway. 

After writing this Musing, I walked through the  dining room and saw this painting by Cookeville artist Norman Inman. It's titled "Family" yet I bought it because it reminded me of the stream of souls coming to Earth just as I associated with the cars hum this morning.
I came in dancing.  I dance spontaneously with Jerry at times though I’m told I lead more than follow. I danced as a kid on Saturday mornings to American Bandstand and SoulTrain.  I loved the Soul Train dance line.
Today it reminds me of those souls coming in, joining our Earthly dance.

Birds and babies, Soul’s song and dance - I imagine a world in which these young souls don’t forget their song or dance and one in which adults remember they too came in dancing from the stars, dancing and singing souls each of us.  

Remember the dance?
(Click "Voice & Vibes" for pt 3) 
-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 13 April 2012

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