Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When Bird Food Became Soul Food

I try to provide equal access to all the critters in my yard when it comes to seed and nuts. Alas the chipmunks learned to beat the blue jays to the peanuts so I thought I was helping the jays when I placed peanuts head high on my deck in a clay dish.

This strategy worked a couple of days until I walked outside and reached for the dish and found this.

My first thought when I saw the four dove down feathers was a precious dove had left me a gift. Then I saw the rest of the story. Dove feathers were scattered about the corner of the deck. A hawk, the bird associated with messages, had fed on a dove. My joy quickly turned to regret for unintentionally  creating such an unprotected space for the dove to be eaten. 

Yet I was intrigued by the four feathers and one lone dove feather suspended 
in a spider web before me. 

Needing to return to work, I snapped photos and wondered as to the message Nature offered in this unexpected turn of events.

Days later while reconnecting with two dear friends in from out of town, one referenced the planet Saturn being related to foundation. When I heard this, the proverbial light came on within me. Suddenly I got it.

Dove had left me a gift and Hawk was the messenger. I remembered that "4" is the number related to building a foundation. I was being told to make my foundation of Love and Peace, qualities exemplified by dove. When I do this, everything that comes my way can be embraced and trusted as part of my inner growth in a beautiful way. 

Some days this is easy. 
Other days (when I'm accused of having intentions that are actually the accuser's projections or I'm  struggling with Lyme disease as happened shortly after the dove's gift) it's challenging to embrace and trust what's coming my way. 

What I'm certain of is the food intended for the blue jays became food for dove 
then hawk and ultimately soul food for me. 

And I am the feather (as are you) suspended in a web connected to Nature and Others who provide clues to this Earth journey. 

We are all, Nature and Humankind, participants in building if we choose a foundation of peace and love to lift Earth in this Time. 

-Dawn, (Most Days Still) The Good News Muse,