Thursday, April 23, 2015

All is Light Changing Form - An Earth Day Vision

I determined not to work this Earth Day in order to give myself time to reflect on the past twelve months since Earth Day feels like my birthday. I typically use my May birthday as a day to reflect on the year prior, read my journals, and look through photos. I also took Earth Day off because I have been exhausted. This weariness of body, heart and soul is connected to the experience in my yard the day after Earth Day last year. 

Last year, on this day I watched a raven eat a baby robin from its nest. I had been a witness to the robin couple diligently building their nest cupped in the branches of the leafless crepe myrtle two feet from my kitchen window. An upstairs window gave the perfect vantage point to seeing directly into the nest. I knew when each blue egg was laid and I knew when each little life came into this world. I would awaken and pray fervently in the middle of the night during last spring’s stunning rains and I energetically imagined shielding the mother and her children as she hunkered over their growing little bodies. I developed a whistle to which the parents would respond and hop to me to eat meal worms and peanut chips I tossed them when the ground was too cold for worms to emerge. I had a relationship with these robins. 

Cognitively knowing that what I witnessed was part of Life’s cycle did not help my broken heart. Being told the raven possibly ate a weaker one didn't help either. 

For me, this experience was shattering especially as one who is sensitive. I journaled. I met with friends who are intuitive and I went into what I call my Joan-of-Arc mode. I placed a scarecrow created of my clothes, my hat and a wig under the nest. I personally sat vigil nearby hidden for two weeks as the raven returned daily in the early morning and late afternoon. When I could not be present, my dear neighbor Jo sat in my hidden place. 

One evening after a session with an intuitive friend who helped me piece together what I was living, I came out to my car and there sat the raven on a limb on my neighbors driveway side. It was head high and urgently talking to me. In retrospect I wish I had stood before it and listened. Instead I was “on.” I shooed it away and I never really gave myself time to listen or feel (anything but rage) until yesterday. 

Yesterday I reread my journal from that time, reflected, listened and felt.

Mid-morning, I walked into the front yard and impromptuly decided to dig. Getting dirt under my nails revives me on all levels. 

The first thing I noticed in the dirt by the driveway were 6-7 tiny down feathers. In the past year I learned from Gary my hair guy that down falls from the mother's breast when she's laid her eggs. Previously I thought it meant a bird had died.

"New life is here" and I was being told to lie down. 

Lying down in the middle of the day is challenging for me even on Earth Day. It suggests I’m not being productive. This societal, tribal, familial message is hardwired into me. Yet I knew to ignore this message was to ignore listening. To ignore listening was to ignore the Divine directive shouting through Nature to me.

I gathered the feathers, placed a sheet in the grass and lay upon it. As I felt myself sink into Earth, I saw a butterfly made of fuchsia light. The butterfly then turned into a hawk. Then I saw the head of a rose breasted grosbeak. I knew I was being shown the grosbeaks are near. They migrated through our yard for the first time last year just after the baby bird was eaten. 

Seeing the butterfly turn into a hawk, I knew Everything is Light changing Form - Everything even people, past and present, judged as horrible, they too are Light Changing Form. Mentally I know this yet being shown this helps me “get it” in my depths. I needed this message in relation to the raven and the robin to assist in my healing. 

And this morning as I sat outside I looked up to see a male rose breasted grosbeak at the feeder. I saw its black, white and rose coloring and thought, ‘Black and White rose together.’ 

What if those of us, black and white, rose together? Imagine the glory of that? What if we moved beyond our internal and external opposing black and white positions of good and bad? What, just what, might rise from that? 

The one thing I had not done was look up the symbolism of grosbeak. I went inside to find “Animal Speaks’ and read: 

Grosbeak represents the healing of the heart. 

To me this is divine perfection and grace? 

I stumble, resist, ignore, procrastinate and delay, yet the Divine through Nature shouts, "Dawn, I am a partner in your heartbreak and your healing if you listen and allow. New life is here!!!"

As I hold this message personally, I invite you to listen to the part of this experience that resonates with you.

New Life is here. 

Everything is light changing form. 

The heart can heal. 

Nature speaks. 

And imagine our collectively "getting" that Everything is Light Changing Form. Black and white are rising together. Divisions, fear, separation, judgement, and violence are diminishing. New life is here as we are experience the healing of the heart, the individual heart, the racial heart, the collective heart and I believe the Earth’s Heart. 

-Dawn, The Good News Muse  23 April 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Guns, Gas and Guys

Tuesday night before hearing Stevie Wonder, we had dinner at a new Nashville eatery whose outdoor dining space happened to face the Music City Center.

There I sat eating my taco while reading the huge banners for the NRA convention. The one that got my attention read: "9 acres of guns and gear."

Nine acres of guns and gear.

I shouldn't be surprised. Tennessee's legislators have been eaten up with gun bills over these last few years. (Growing up in the country, 'eaten up with' something meant usually chiggers or ticks. I don't think I've ever used that phrase but it seems appropo here.)

In the 2010 election, TN voters even got in on the act thank to smooth maneuvering by the pro-gun side. The right to hunt wasn't threatened yet an amendment voters voted on made it sound like hunters were about to loose their guns. The campaign was so slick I had some non-hunting, non-packing friends that voted "yes" because they feared hunters were truly about to loose their guns.

Money and manipulation (that stirred fear) got that bill passed.

At present legislators have passed a bill allowing guns in parks. This bill will pass unless Governor Haslam has the courage and wisdom to veto it. We've guns everywhere except the legislative building of course. (I find that a bit odd. Are they afraid a tree hugging, pacifist is gonna bring in a gun and suddenly turn violent? They're probably more afraid of one of their constituents come to think of it.) 

Amidst all the goings on with guns, I was reminded of another possibly country phrase related to guns in my childhood.  Often when a male member in the family had gas, the phrase was used, “He shot his gun.” I don’t recall that phrase being associated with the females, but of course being a female I may have blocked that out.  And I don’t know the origin of this phrase just that it was periodically used.

This prompted me to wonder if somewhere around adolescence this shooting of the bodily gun gets shut down and traded for a need by many men (and now women) to shoot a literal gun.

Think about it.  Some folks laugh when a two or three year old 'shoots his gun.'  It's less socially acceptable at least outside the home when these noises come from an adolescent.

Thus I'm proposing one root of the gun issue is connected to a man having to disown his insides and in turn stifle his bodily experience resulting in the disconnection from his body and a sense of true potency.

Think about it.  Food goes in and gas comes out. Similarly Fear goes in and the guns are brought out.  Guns are brought out because men, the traditional protectors of family, feel unsafe and vulnerable.  Unfortunately still in our society, a man’s labeled feminine when he owns his vulnerability and wants to talk things out. 

Contrary to what you may think, I am not anti-guns or anti-hunting.  My intent is not to oversimplify things or make light of serious matters. 

I’m concerned about the twisting of truth, epidemic these days as powerful corporations and their lobbying arms try to turn descent gun-carrying, meat-eating folks against descent animal-loving, vegetarian folks.     

Lobbyists and politicians who benefit from this manipulation measure their potency in terms of the billions of dollars they reap by stirring fear.  They’re strategically using these times to their benefit while trying to convince the common man that it’s for his benefit.   It appears they’ve done a good job especially in this time when the American citizenry is blending as never before and white folks especially white men are declining dramatically in proportion to the population.  

Everyone wants to feel safe.  Most folks want to feel potent or good at something from one's contributions at work or caring for one's family.  Many have been convinced they're not safe and that potency lies in guns rather than stepping outside one's stereotypes and comfort zones and getting to know strangers.  

Real potency starts with owning one’s insides.  Until the internal stuff of our insides is as valued as the external of our appearances and looks, we are vulnerable. We will be easily manipulated and made to feel fear until we connect our thoughts, feelings and actions.  

The greater vehicle for increased safety isn't found in a gun.  Increased safety is found in connected body, mind and heart which in turn is willing to relate not retaliate and respond rather than react. 

Even though it would increase harmful greenhouse gases, maybe if men (and women) needing to prove their man/womanhood with guns returned to regularly shooting their bodily guns we’d have less violence in the world. "Shooting ones gun” freely and loudly might be the best start at real self-defense.

In the meantime, I wish we could be eaten up with courage. 
-Dawn, The Good News Muse11 April 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

If You Love It Enough, Anything Will Talk to You - Booker T. Washington

Yesterday April 5th was Booker T. Washington's birthday and I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes that comes from him.  

Mr. Washington was talking about Big Love, not I'll-love-you-if  love. 

Usually when I hear this I think of traffickers, the men and women who enslave 27 millions girls around the world and sell their bodies in the sex industry. Can I love these soul-less seeming men and women who take young girls (and boys) lives so horribly?  

Most days I can. I can love these soul stealers because their souls were stolen at some point or they wouldn't do what they do.  (I use Ho'oponopono a Hawaiian shamanic practice that I learned through Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin to energetically hold traffickers in my heart and hands while asking their forgiveness for my negligence, ignorance and all ways that I have contributed to the shadow they carry that is connected to me.)

Yes, it would be different if one of these people actually sat down to talk with me.  Could I hold space for this person, take the time and prove I am trustworthy? I hope so and I don't know. Could I love them without my own agenda if they continued their ways? 

"If you love it enough, anything will talk to you." 

Can I love politicians enough and imagine them talking with me?  I'm not talking about 30 second sound bites on tv or slightly longer interviews on FOX or MSNBC. I don't want to see any more come-to-Jesus, God-forgave-me pop culture interviews in which these individuals say they've changed then it's back to business as usual.  

Imagine them really talking to us, with us, coming clean, sharing their motivation for getting into politics to begin with then selling out to greed, power, the machine.  Can we make time, hold space for discussions of this Nature?  Wall Street and the powers that be might cry, "No! Time is up.  There are votes to cast, sides to take, deals to do, money to make." 

If we don't have time to really look at how we be, mankind's time may be nearing "up."  

"If you love it enough, anything will talk to you." 

Do I have time for Monsanto?  Can I love this business with its hands all over our food, trying to control seed and thus us and our health?  Can I love this business that hides behind a mask of saying they're for the American farmer?  That's a big one and yet just last week I used Ho'oponopono in relation to Monsanto.  I have ignored for most of my life how my food is grown. My ignorance is connected in the greater web to Monsanto's ignoring on a deeper level the long term ramifications of their money-making endeavors using genetic modification, toxic chemicals and such.  

What might Booker T. Washington, a planter, scientist, inventor and artist himself, say to us about Monsanto?  I imagine his encouraging us to hold these entities lovingly as this peanut farmer does his plant in the Colquitt, Georgia mural "Spirit Farmer" by Winnipeg artist Charlie Johnston. 

I imagine him saying, "If you love it enough, anything will talk to you." 

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 6 April 2015

1. There are many sites regarding the shamanic prayer/healing/forgiveness practice of Ho'oponopono. Please check them out as I've linked the story above to only one.

2. And learn more about Monsanto here

3.  Here's more also on Colquitt's amazing murals.