Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Technology as Teacher

I've tried to come up with a creative comment that summarizes this photo but my words, at least tonight, seem small and insignificant compared to the majesty of the trees and the fern and clover-lined forest floor. So imagine yourself walking along this path in Northern California while I bask in the satisfaction of being able to download it to my site. (I divorced Technology earlier today. Fortunately Technology's patient and I'm fickle thus I came back around and accomplished this. I think this means we've reconciled for now. Once again technology is my teacher holding up a mirror revealing my impatience and my need for things to be easy and quick. Although I pride myself on having not fallen prey to our quick fix culture, Technology shows me otherwise. Everything is teacher when we're willing to be student.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Just because I write about the shift, doesn't meant I live it. I spent an entire day and many moments of others obsessing over what I'd write on my home page. My brain went AWOL. A mood descended upon me. I was having a hard time living in my own skin, let alone with someone. Then sitting under the moon last night, Technology taught me another valuable life lesson.

I've a program called Dreamweaver with which to edit my site thus I can write and rewrite whenever I choose. Suddenly the pressure lifted. I didn't have to get it right the first time or the second or third or fourth. I could rewrite daily if I desired. Just like with life. We get rewrites or do-overs whenever we desire if we only realize it. We can clean our 'slates' at any moment and start over. Imagining that shift brought me a sigh and smile. What matters is that I'm rewriting out of freedom, not fear. What matters is I'm living out of freedom, not fear.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the past year,I've discovered a fascination with words and the levels to which they refer. In the past two weeks, I've also found that even the language of my new partner, Technology, offers me a way of considering my predicament that might just be helpful. (My predicament? I'm scared. It's not obvious but I'm willing to take risks when I can be certain the resulting changes don't push me out of my comfort zone. And lately technology for various reasons has been extending that zone.) How does this relate to the language of technology?

Yesterday it occured to me that I've been asking for quite some time that my Divine Template be downloaded into my body and being so that I could be the highest version of who I'm meant to be during this time on Planet Earth. Suddenly I knew that desired download was having a much harder time coming through since my main system was clogged with old programming of the past 48 years. Yikes, no wonder I'm scared. I'm asking to be cleared out, to have deleted all my files related to control, protection and safety.

I'm reminded that when I was younger, my life truly did flow when I lived based on discerning and heeding what I think of as the still small voice within, call it Spirit, Higher Power. To me, it's still God, God within me, saying, "Dawn, delete, delete, delete, allow, allow, allow. It's truly that easy."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Be Forewarned

Before reading further, be forewarned: Imagining the shift may lead to changes that disrupt your personal patterns, yes, those habitual ways of doing and thinking onto which we cling oftentimes unknowingly. This disruption may lead to shifts within your inner committee leading to shifts in your relationships, community and our world.