Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trees, Tears, Bees and Berries - Messages from a Walk

Near the end of this morning's walk, I glanced down the street to see what I feared was a shrub being uprooted by two landscapers. (This was my first walk in nearly a month. I was so happy I had drug myself out of the house until this.) I copped an attitude toward the homeowner and said something like "It drives me crazy when people do that" as I neared the men.

Here was a willowy blue-ish evergreen on its side with another or two to be taken down as well. Hijacked by fury, I lost count of how many shrubs were coming down. The house had been built only in the last 3-4  years.

The landscaper (or possibly homeowner) aware of my distress walked over and shared unfortunately  builders don't often plant trees and shrubs far enough away from the foundations of the homes they build.

I commented that my yard was like a jungle. That I've trees everywhere then I continued walking. My anger shifted to builders as 'fuck builders' went through my mind but not past my lips.

I walked a bit further as tears welled within me and I got the message I needed.

Trees, like my dear Mother Earth, are forgiving.

I smiled grateful I could be angry temporarily because my anger in this instance got me to forgiveness.

Trees teach me everything I need to know.

Be rooted and grow. Reach out. Open. Let go. And yes, forgive. When others cut you down, which they will, forgive.

One of the landscapers then called out, "Have you had strawberries?"

I forgot I held a green mesh basket like berries often come in.

I called back, "No, I'm just picking up trash, but I have had strawberries this year and they're good."

He agreed.

I had retrieved the basket up from atop a water drain near the beginning of my walk. It held a dead bee I picked up mid-way through walking which I was transporting to the angel in my yard.

Earth to me is like the basket filled with sweetness and sadness.

All we need do is Be. And if it feels right for you.....

 Forgive and be grateful you have this opportunity to Live.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse,  23 May 2018