Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fur Play

I initially titled this 'Why I Love Jerry" as Mystery followed him through the house this morning. He, a cat convert of four years, rubbed her. No, it's always more than a rub, pet or pat. He always vigorously jostles her and she loves it.  She continued to follow him as he sought hammer and nails for minor bird feeder repairs caused by overnight winds.

He found what he needed as Mystery followed him to the door where he jostled her once again. This time she rolled over exposing her belly.  I hear Jerry say, "I'll be back, Mystery. That was just foreplay."

From the nearby chair I smiled and said, "That was fur play."

She looked up knowing she'd have to wait as he walked out and said, "This is cat-us interruptus."

Cat-us interruptus happens throughout our day as both Mystery and Bogey want us to play.  Mystery especially will meow, grab my calf (put her front paws around my lower leg) then bolt down the hallway. I'll go in pursuit as she runs under the bed or behind the curtain. Then she'll streak down the hallway again.

It happened seconds ago as I moved from the chair to get my lap top except this time she raced up the stairs and under the bed then back down again.  Yes, I followed.

To not follow means I would have missed the joy of a spontaneous moment.

The dear Beings that come to us as cats and dogs offering fur play and cat-us interruptus being it chasing, jostling or just hanging out shine and share love's light throughout the day.

I call that Good News. And on second thought fur play is foreplay and that's good news too.
-Dawn, The Good News Mews  28 january 2012

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Carol Ohmart-Behan said...

Oh, Dawn, what a sweet sweet post! How I LOVED meeting Bogey & Mystery when I visited you & Jerry last Spring. My handsome Angus-cat's behaviour fits this exact description ..... beautiful .... And as I prepare to post this, the ID word I'm to type for verification is "bessWays" which sure looks like "Bless Ways", and that's exactly what our wonderful furry friends provide us!! Loving Hugs to All ~C.