Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Son's of Earth

"Sun's of Earth realize the beauty you carry inside." 

Since writing of Sun's nearness today, I thought it wise to sit in the sun, to soak up its rays and listen as often as possible, to see what it had to say. 

During an afternoon break, I sat down and immediately saw geometric shapes.  I was reminded of a similar occurrence this summer after which Jerry who was also outside called for me.  He had found flowers at the garden's western edge that we hadn't planted. 

They took my breath away. Their honey comb insides looked like what I had just seen while sitting in the sun. 

These were the flowers I thought of today when the shapes appeared. 

These are the flowers I was thinking of when I heard "Suns of Earth realize the beauty you carry inside," 

I wrote "Suns of Earth" but was thinking, "Sons of Earth. Sons of Earth realize the beauty you carry inside." 

What might be realized if men walking Earth stopped their warring and realized the beauty they carry inside?  
-Dawn, The Good News Muse  4 January 2012

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