Saturday, January 28, 2012

Full Circle

How beautiful that the Spirit that would not or could not let me hold her physical body four years ago January 28th now lies on me this very moment nested in the blue throw across my legs as I write.  I knew she couldn't let me hold her because she was having an equally hard time letting go of me after nearly 18 years.  Humans aren't the only ones who feel deeply when it's time to say good-bye.

Bogeysattvah now sits on my lap.  Bogeysattvah whose name was inspired by the need to have love and compassion with bogeys on the golf course, as well as the course of life, returned as I requested  four months after Templeton died. As Templeton made her shift, I asked that I recognize her spirit the week of my birthday.

Along came May and I began to search for her.  I listened until one day my heart recognized her.  My heart, unaccustomed to leaping much back then, immediately leapt though my head said, "Wait, she's a he this time." 

Bogey's now been with us four years and I periodically still find some little behavior that's Templeton's. 

It's said life comes full circle. Templeton, Bogey and I would agree.  We sit here knowing, feeling, seeing and experiencing grace, beauty and love.  

Bogey on a prior day.
Summed up in a word, I feel joy for this feline Spirit and I have come full circle. Four years ago we opened the doors wide to grief and walked out the door to part for a time, to follow the Mystery that was and is ours.

I consider my pets destined to be mine and me theirs. What about yours?  Is your pet destined to be yours and you theirs? 

Mine and Me call this Good News.

-Dawn, Bogeysattvah &Templeton, The Good News Mews, 28 january 2012

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