Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dust to Dust - On Dancing with Sunlight and Dust

The angle of winter sunlight coming through my windows is such that I see galaxies of dust, dust flecks sparkling and circling around me.  I've been known winter's past to remind myself of Princess Leah in my white housecoat/robe using the vacuum hose to suck particles from the air.

Now I'm less likely to warring and more prone to watching and wondering.

Recently particles swirled as I realized I was being reminded everything returns to dust, back to its origins in Mother Earth, including us.

Can I be at peace with this truth?  Yet I'm being offered more than peace.  Can I be joyful in the truth of constant change and feel gratitude for the preciousness of each temporary moment?

I watch as the cosmos stirs around me.  Particles of dander, skin, pet hair, my hair, newspaper, toilet paper, paper towels, bed sheets, bath sheets, particles of this and more dance with me as sunlight makes the unseen seen.

I want to joyfully join the dance rather than try to control it.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 5 January 2012

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