Monday, January 2, 2012

When Water and Light Meet

This morning in the shower, I saw a feather in the glass, a feather to my left and then snake or lizard skin to my right. I love both birds and reptiles and find it fascinating that these two creatures seemingly so different, earth and sky bound, are kin in creation's chain.   

Fearing the images might vanish, I rushed downstairs to get my camera and hurriedly returned hoping they hadn't changed.   

The images faithfully remained. After taking photos, I realized the snake skin also looked like tree bark.

Bark, feathers and skin protect, protect the body while holding a being of light. 

The interplay of water, glass and sun's light gave me this gift reminding me of a song line I heard over a year ago.
"We are made of glass." 

Water on glass, our own light body, reveals who we really are. Yet I've often turned from water, my own and others, and when I do I deny in that moment who I am. 

When I turn from the water of tears, I deny my light body its beautiful patterns, patterns that are meant to shine. 

When water and light join there is passion. Where the water of tears and light of the heart join there is fire.

How are you in relation to water and light?
-Dawn, The Good News Muse,  2 January 2012

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