Monday, April 21, 2014

Be Part of the Earth Day Lie-in !

Wherever your journey takes you tomorrow on Earth Day, I hope you'll take a moment to lie-in the grass, open your heart to Mother Earth and let her feel your appreciation and love. 

It's only been in the last few years that I've begun to have regular personal lie-ins. I don't recall how these got started but what I do know is I have come to feel Earth's resonance and a presence in her as well as within myself as a result.  At times, Earth comforts me and at other times I comfort her.  Always I feel her and am aware she feels me. 

There are times when I forget as has already happened this Spring for several days when I got busy planting and clearing my raised beds.  After realizing I had gone "unconscious," I lay down in my yard last week and heard:

"Welcome back, my child."

I energetically felt myself sink a bit into Earth and was held.  I went about my day revived and reconnected when for days I had been somewhat disconnected and non-local without even knowing it.  

The idea of an Earth Day Lie-in came to me months ago yet I was afraid people would make fun of me.  I didn't want those involved in the 60's sit-ins, teach-ins and love-ins to think I was making light of what they did.  Being beaten for sitting-in during the civil rights movements, doesn't compare to lying on Mother Earth.

Yet without this earthly home, none of these movements in which consciousness was raised and attitudes and laws changed would have unfolded.

So I invite you and ask that you invite others to join me in tomorrow's Lie-in ! If you're on facebook learn more HERE.  Share a photo of where you'll "Lie-in." 

And if you're embarrassed or uncomfortable for some other reason about lying in the grass or you live in a part of our concretized, asphalted world in which grass is hard to find, go out and stand on Mother Earth.  Open your heart to her and a tree or plant or bird.  Find something of Nature in our beautiful world and open your heart to it.  Send out love to Earth and feel her love in return.

Love, love, love to you and to Earth this day and everyday.

Here's a demo !

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 21 April 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Black Hole and Black Whole - From an Experience with a Black Hawk and Wren

The second sound I heard this morning was that of a helicopter en route to a nearby hospital.    Its mechanical rat-a-tat-tat punctuated the quiet and took me back to my recent time in the country.

This morning's helicopter was medical.  The weekend's helicopter was military and I had a fairly good idea where it was headed. Friends had recently backpacked nearby Virgin Falls wilderness area.  On both days they watched a black hawk helicopter dip into and out of the ravines of this pristine, state owned land.   As they sat on a rocky precipice, the pilot came face to face with them then flew away.

Virgin Falls in the Fall - 2012- White County, TN
Encounters like this easily suck me into the black hole of hopelessness.  In fury, fear and disappointment, I bite my tongue to prevent myself from asking Mother Earth to destroy humankind and start all over again. I'm not into military maneuvers anywhere but it's certainly not okay with me to be practicing flight drills in this pristine area.

If I came face-to-face with a black hawk helicopter in this situation, I would be tempted to give the pilot the "bird" which reminds me of the first sound I heard.

As I sat down outside this morning, a sweet wren sang and sang.  The sound of the medical helicopter followed closely on the heels of that wren's song.

Bird song versus the sound of a man made machine.  This isn't how I planned my return to Nashville.  I imagine it's not what my soul envisioned returning to Earth to find either. 

I sat in my yard as my mind stood on the edge of that black hole, the Hole of Hopelessness into which I am sucked.  When this happens, heaviness hangs out with me until I write, walk and sense my way out of the hole.

Here I was unexpectedly on the edge of that hole.  Then from out of Nowhere which is always Somewhere a new thought arose reminding me of what the wren and I know.

We live in a New Time of Love and Light.

Instead of giving those guys the "bird," I imagine them remembering they are like birds, souls in flight for a temporary time with the opportunity to use their wings for beautiful things.

I imagined singing to them as the wren did to me and the vibration of song reaching the parts of them dedicated to protecting our country.  What if this dedication was turned into protecting the country, the countryside of Mother Earth from fracking, drilling, and blasting?

This morning I stood on the edge of that black hole and felt lite for I was reminded of what deep down I know: This is the New Time. 

We are all part of the Black Whole and the great Mystery in which we each - wren, men, you and I - play a role.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse  2 April 2014