Monday, January 2, 2012

May Separation Cease - Inspired by Gardens and the Homeless

Late today I spread a thick layer of mulch over recently planted garlic. As I did I thought of someone I know taking coats to the homeless.

I considered her act much greater than my own until I realized what matters most is an attitude of concern, kindness and care. Both of us desire to protect life and provide warmth in the predicted winter cold.

This may sound strange, but it occurred to me that to say her act is greater than mine perpetuates separation.

Beliefs around separation and systems built on theses beliefs contribute to how we segregate ourselves into the homed and homeless, thinking we nor our kin could end up on the streets.  Separation contributes as well to our disconnect from the foods we eat, forgetting food really comes from earth and not the fast food lane or grocery. 

May our illusions of separation cease and every living thing on earth be cloaked in the warmth of kindness and love this night. 
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 2 January 2012

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