Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Just because I write about the shift, doesn't meant I live it. I spent an entire day and many moments of others obsessing over what I'd write on my home page. My brain went AWOL. A mood descended upon me. I was having a hard time living in my own skin, let alone with someone. Then sitting under the moon last night, Technology taught me another valuable life lesson.

I've a program called Dreamweaver with which to edit my site thus I can write and rewrite whenever I choose. Suddenly the pressure lifted. I didn't have to get it right the first time or the second or third or fourth. I could rewrite daily if I desired. Just like with life. We get rewrites or do-overs whenever we desire if we only realize it. We can clean our 'slates' at any moment and start over. Imagining that shift brought me a sigh and smile. What matters is that I'm rewriting out of freedom, not fear. What matters is I'm living out of freedom, not fear.

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