Friday, April 13, 2012

Being (Really) Seen - Dancing with the Stars (pt.4)

The star’s invitation and seeing the moon reminds me of a recent conversation with a new, old friend about being seen as both of us are acquainted with hiding.  As I watch the quarter moon this morning, nearly half of it is hidden and I’m suddenly disappointed. 

As soon as I ask ‘What’s this?’ I know. 

In my 52 years there have been just over 600 full moons. Since I’ve been slow to wake up and see myself as well as the world around me, this means I’ve only seen, really seen, maybe 36 of those full moons.  That’s around 5 % of the full moons in my life.  I find that sad.  

I look up to see the half moon which is really called a quarter moon shining on me and wonder if the moon concerns herself with how she’s seen. 

I also thought of the many people who unlike my friend and me love being seen. Or do they?  The kind of seen to which I’m referring is being seen at one’s barest, without window dressing or in terms of projecting an image of how you want to be perceived.   The kind of seen to which I’m referring is authentic and bare, real and I don’t mean as in ‘reality’ tv. 

This moon 'just is' reminding me 'to be.' 

I wonder if the people watching “Dancing With the Stars” ever just go outside and dance under the stars with their kids or partners or friends.  I suspect many viewers are closeted dancers thus the appeal of sitting on the sofa watching someone else act out a routine. No risk for the watcher’s involved but what loss, the loss of letting oneself be seen dancing through life authentically.

I may have missed hundreds of full moons, but the greater loss would have been not seeing myself and as a result missing the dance of my life. 

Imagine the Shift of embracing the dance that is yours!  

(Click "Body Memory" for pt. 5) 

-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 13 April 2012

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