Friday, April 13, 2012

Body Memory - Dancing with the Stars (pt. 5)

This morning I also went to California, Oregon, the Grand Canyon and Cherokee, North Carolina and I wasn’t on the internet.  Typically I’d be grumpy about thirty degrees in April but this morning’s chill stirred something else.   

The chill stirred memory, body memory of early mornings past of stepping out of a camper in my twenties in crisp Northern California air and then nearly twenty years ago of sitting on a boulder near sunrise at Oregon’s Crater Lake.  Then I was reminded of the Fall of 2010 when we slept under the full moon in the bottom of the Grand Canyon in an unexpected chill and just last year sitting wrapped in a blanket on a little balcony by the Oconaluftee River as the sun rose over Cherokee.

The dance of morning’s chill and embodied awareness unexpectedly caught me and pleasantly transported me along Memory’s river. This is especially good for someone who's lived much of her life in her head disconnected from my physical self.

To dance through my life, I must be in my body fully awake and aware and seeing myself as the stars see me.  They want me to remember this flesh and blood vessel I came in with and for all its equipped -  dancing, sensing, seeing and feeling with a bit of thinking on the side. 

The stars say:  Be in your body.  That's why on Earth you chose to arrive.

(Click "Following Love's Lead" for pt. 6) 
-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 13 April 2012

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