Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tree of Life

Webs of Wonder insides green soon to be my canopy.
Reaching skyward stretching tall.
Life you bring to one and all.

Yet our impact is debated, argued over, legislated.

Meanwhile you go growing on helping me remember Dawn.

Roots beneath me help me heal all that comes to sense, to feel.
Sorrows past. Joys present.
Love flows in your presence.

Haven safe.
May we all know Tree of Life in which we grow.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 8 March 2014

These words arrived as I sat outside under the trees in my Nashville yard.  Primarily hackberries unloved by most, they have hoovered above and around me for twenty years bearing witness to passersby on busy Natchez Trace as well as my comings and goings.  It is likely some of them experienced the Civil War battles occurring here which takes me to an energetic experience.

The day I wrote this I had tried to explain how I have heard pain in trees.  The first time this happened I was walking in the woods and placed the side of my face to a tree to appreciate it.  Immediately I heard female cries of such pain.  I knew I was hearing the cries of those burned at the stake.  A few nights later on Winter Solstice, I lay in my yard and felt Tree's pain flow through me and though my heart.  Their suffering as well as the voices of those I heard was turned to joy.  This was one of the most profound experiences of my life.  

Since that time Trees and Rocks have taken my pain and weariness. There is a grace-filled reciprocity in Nature to those who are awake and awakening. 

How are you in relation to Trees around you?  

Stop.                        Notice.                    See.                         Be.

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