Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nature's Fare- Technology's Wares

I have hesitated sharing this simple piece written a couple of weeks ago after finding last Fall's ginkgoes in a book. It would be easy to assume I'm dissing technology and money.  Without technology, I would not be at a laptop nor would you be reading this.  Yet I question where we are headed as technology and Nature so often seem at odds even in ways unexpectedly like wind turbines killing great numbers of birds.  The numbers are hard to know.  To me, any are too many.  I envision a time when those on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley discuss their full impact of their actions and creations on generations to come.  I've read Native Americans considered 7 generations out. I think one generation would be a good start. -Dawn

Pressed leaves in pages of a book, worn feathers cause me to stop, to look.
Why do bits of Nature's fare mean so much?
Why do I care? 

They're reminders of a leaving way, if technology takes the heart's place.

For test tube trees and lab made birds, do not stir wonder in my world.
They make money for Wall Street men and send stocks rising, but what then?

To the moon, to Mars, to planets far.
What good is that without the heart?

Do creators in Silicon Valley hear the song of dove in these feathers dear?
Does creating apps and brokering deals really
make them happy?
How do they feel?

I will keep these glorious treasures from the growing, flying Ones I love.
I'll hold them dear and with great care and listen for their secrets shared.
 -Dawn, The Good News Muse 6 March 2014

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