Friday, June 7, 2013

People and Plants - Seed Packs of Wonder

As June is underway, I've been perusing seed packets purchased late this Spring.  Until this week, these packs held seeds that hadn't yet made it to earth.  It was enough to enjoy the seeds as seeds for I experienced a bodily satisfaction just looking at and holding these beautifully adorned packets. 

Then yesterday as the rains stopped and I walked around my yard, it came to me.  The urge said, "I must plant the seeds.'  I felt a wanting to experience the joy of planting things, of remembering the magic that stirs releasing tiny orbs of potential into earth's darkness then bearing witness to what unfolds.

As I dug little trenches and holes, I wondered if God at times feels and thinks similarly.  Was knowing the beauty of human potential and the possibility packaged in people enough initially, enough even for Divine Source?  Then at some point did even God or however you think of Creator energy become so excited that He/She/Whatever decided to plant the seeds of Us to see what we might really grow into?

In 2-3 months if all grows accordingly, I'll be reminded of the rest of the story, the work involved in growing things.  Plants in my crowded  raised beds will overflow and entangle themselves in one another as snails and tiny critters eat some leaves.  I'll spread homemade compost, pluck yellowed leaves, add a few worms and if needed spray a bit of neem. Flowers will need to be deadheaded. The birds and squirrels will find my tomatoes. My garlic will be small for the fourth year growing as I forgot to fertilize on time.

If things progress as usual, days will arrive in which I'll feel negligent at times and question why I do this growing thing.  Truth be told, I will want to give up on growing things which brings me back to the Divine.

Does some Divine Creator look at us at times and realize we humans are a lot more challenging and troubling than anticipated?  Does the Divine feel negligent that He/She didn't do better with us or take more time? Does Spirit ever have regret and wish He/She had called it quits or never 'unpacked' us in the first place? 

At times I really wonder about these things especially when as recently I was immersed for a weekend in a sex trafficking conference involving people from around the world.  The numbers and information were stunning.  Similarly but in a different vein I wonder when I read about the drilling involved in fracking and the chemical cocktail injected into Earth to release natural gas.  I wonder when I think about Monsanto's fingerprints all over our foods and the honey bees vanishing. 

Then I remember the pimp at the conference who spoke to us and his work in recovery and presence on Atlanta's streets now as he educates children and tries to help young people get free.  I see my friend Eric in the newspaper speaking on behalf of Mother Earth and against fracking.  I see a child that's new to Earth or meet an older soul like myself who's young in spirit.  It's in these times that I am grateful the Divine continues to open light-filled seed packs of new souls longing to enter Earth's field to be participants in the experience that's being grown here on Earth.

And as I wonder, it occurs to me Life on Earth is a Wonder and whether I'm referring to plants in my yard or people near and far, both are seeds packs of wonder!
 -Dawn, The Good News Muse, 7 June 2013

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