Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monsanto and Mystery - Seeds Growing in the Quantum Field

Recent news of the Supreme Court siding with Monsanto in a case involving an elderly farmer reminded me of a scene dream from which I awoke recently.  This particular scene was set at a fair, not one of today's ride-filled fairs, but a fair of yesteryear at which agriculture was emphasized.  

In the scene I was at the fair looking at a large poster with two circles on it.  I knew the circles were actually seeds.  One seed was solid black and the other was equally half black and half white. They were on exhibit at the fair.

I wondered what this meant until this week when it occurred to me the seed was once considered a mystery.  People honored and held sacred these specks and orbs of various sizes from which food and flowers grew.  The sacred mystery of growing things was symbolized by the black circle in the dream.

Centuries passed and humankind moved into a period of dissecting, manipulating and mastering seed in the laboratory.  Thanks to patents, politics, money, power and greed seed can now be owned by corporations.  I think of farmers of days gone by and how puzzled they might be by corporations now owning the rights to seed.
What was fueled by scientific curiosity has led to a global curiosity - 3 corporations own and thus control over half of the worlds' seeds.

How did this happen?  How did we let this happen?  What were we doing as they worked behind the scenes ensuring protections for corporations in regards to these things?  Is it as simple as we were shopping, eating fast food, watching tv and being entertained?

The second circle in my dream seems to be where we have landed presently.  We are divided into black and white, good guys and bad guys.  Corporate seed companies like Monsanto see those in my 'tribe' as the enemy and many in my tribe see companies like Monsanto as the enemy.  I do at times.

It's easy for me to think greed motivates those at the top of Monsanto's chain yet what about those doing the actual work in labs.  It seems they are playing God manipulating seeds yet many I suspect are being God as they consider their work being about loving people and providing food. Not everyone connected to Monsanto is 'bad.'  Actually no one at Monsanto is 'bad' completely come to think of it.

Hang with me here.  This good guy/bad guy thing of course goes way beyond seed companies, you and me. We hear and see evidence of the good guy/bad buy split everywhere.  We buy security systems to protect us from 'bad' guys yet 'bad' people in those 'protected' homes abuse family members and themselves.  We lock 'bad' guys away yet often the ones trying the cases legally are 'bad' guys themselves.

What's even more curious to me is another aspect of the good/bad split.  Just about every bad guy walking Mother Earth is another person's 'good' guy. Think about it.  The corrupt CEO or official is a mother/father/child's 'good' guy.  In other words they are loved by someone even as I harbor strong negative feelings regarding their behaviors.  The thief and pimp were once loved by someone, a mother, father, grandmother, aunt, who very likely still loves them. 
I wasn't shown a third seed of what's next in this dream but I suspect it's the seed that's been growing in energy's quantum field over timeI suspect it would be more akin to the dot that is solid, a circle of sacred mystery that you and I are here to call forth and cultivate.

I, like many, believe we have as souls chosen to arrive at this time on Earth.  Many of us are here to hold the all of both sides and see if something greater can emerge from holding both the black and white and all between the two. 

Holding possibility in the unknown, the light in the darkness we grow more than just food. We grow souls, souls that will question, really listen, learn and look at what they're being fed on all levels from the food they eat to the content they consume through the internet and tv. We grow people who learn to think for and feed themselves. We grow hearts that break open in love and shed tears whether those tears be of sorrow, pain, joy or compassion. We grow souls willing to embrace the sacred mystery unfolding on Earth in this time through you and through me.

We grow souls that are willing to Grow!

-Dawn, The Good News Muse  23 May 2013

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