Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Message from the Universe

One recent night I lay in bed not knowing the time but certain it was night. The black in my field of vision began to move like slowly shifting fog. In the moving darkness, I saw light like the shining of the sun over the horizon in dark space. Did morning near?

I kept my eye's closed curious as to what I was seeing though Bogeysattvah, pawing at the nearby lampshade had something else in mind. I opened my eyes to nudge him from the nightstand and saw the faint glow of morning around the curtain's edge. Maybe I had seen dawn's arrival in the dark.

I closed my eyes again but this time found myself in the Universe slowly moving among the stars. This first happened a few years ago but never had what followed happened prior. Some of the stars began to gently burst. I was in a shower reminiscent of white fireworks gently raining in the Universe. Veils of wispy energy were the only visible remains of those stars.

Slowly the veils came together to form a lotus-like shape with a black center that pulsed energy. I lay in bed realizing this center of seeming nothingness held the energy of everything, the energy of creation sent to us here on Earth, an unseen energy that is the energy behind all energy.

The vision continued as the remaining stars suddenly became a heart on an American flag. In place of the fifty states on the flag was a heart made of stars that glistened like diamonds.

As I became concerned as to how I would remember all of this I saw a grid. In a universe of blackness, dots of light appeared row upon row an equal space apart as if on a grid where patterns might be laid.

My eyes still closed, I lay in bed mentally noting the sequence of the scenes as Bogeysattvah pawed again at the lampshade conveying his need to be fed.

In these past two weeks other scenes have arrived at night. I've pondered what I'm being shown, what I'm being told and how to share these scenes of light at night. Although it didn't feel quite right, I first thought the story sequence was as I saw it. Then last week I awoke from a nap. The scenes in reverse were going through my mind starting with the grid and ending with the light, the light of New Times.

Then today on the eve of 11/11/11 as the sun set and the full moon rose suddenly this came.

The grid has been laid for the flag of love to fly as we've the opportunity and help from beyond to create the paradigm of Love. The stars give of themselves, find new form and come together to pulse creation's energy and usher in the light of a new time. It is morning on Earth and in the Universe. We are witness to and participants in the dawning of a new era.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 10 November 2011


Driver Betz said...

Thank you Dawn for being so brave and sharing your vision of synchronicity. You are a warrior of the light. I will celebrate 11/11/11 with you!
~Betz Moon Driver

diana said...

Oh, how beautiful and touching... I, too, had an astounding dream of light at night a month ago... An iridescent blue-green moon-faced goddess rose like the sun/moon at my feet, lifted me from my bed, and held me, healed me in a shining embrace of pure love in and through every cell of my body... It was amazing... I felt so awake within the dream and the tingling energy in my body went on for a couple of days...

I encourage you to do a drawing/ painting of your dream images... I've been doing a lot of art lately because words can't hold all this...
: )

Much love to you.. Please call me sometime...
Diana Morningstar

petite lama said...

beautiful images and timing as we step through this powerful gateway day to choose if we want to become even more awake. I have to confess though, I think my favorite thing about the story is that your cat's name is bogeysattvah, that's just classic!