Saturday, April 23, 2011

Out of the Blue, What Did I Find? Two Mary's and Andrew Birthed at St. Joseph's and Patterns Divine

After posting a brief piece about the blue Mary missing Joseph and stopping by Starbucks to check on the bird in the wall, I made my way to the Earth Day Celebration in Centennial Park last weekend.

In minutes, I spied Andrew whom I had never met but immediately knew was a contributor to a continuing story. He stood at the corner of McDonald's by the park selling “The Contributor” the monthly newspaper sold by the homeless and formerly homeless. I had already bought April's issue. What caught my eye was the poster Andrew held, a poster of not one, but TWO blue Mary's!

Two winged Mary's prayerfully presided over a geometric design created by exquisite blue drops falling from the heavens. The symbol reminded me of the childhood Spirograph toy introducing kids of the 70’s to geometry long before I was intimidated by it in school or heard of sacred geometry later in life.

As I continued to look at the poster, I saw the Mary’s praying over a Dream Catcher, like the one hanging in the corner of my living room. I knew immediately that I wanted to purchase Andrew’s art. I told him of the story I had just written and of learning through a friend’s quick response that Joseph was the saint of many things, none of which I could recall in the moment except the saint of the dying.

To this Andrew said, “I was born at St. Joseph’s in Memphis.”

Inside I smiled and thought, 'St. Joseph is the Saint of Birthing as well.' I remembered my prior story alluding to Joseph as representing the masculine and men of the world being called from the shadows. Andrew’s comment reminded me that men give birth.

Then I was reminded again that men give birth, as Andrew took from his bag, a portfolio of shapes he had collected from trash. With a knife he had turned trash into stencils, stencils into patterns and patterns into art.

As he turned page upon page, I immediately recognized in this young man’s tool kit, the geometric patterns I see that come turning and swirling from the universe at night or before morning’s light as well as phrases I hear.

I’ve tried reading books to understand what I’m seeing yet as someone who learns visually and experientially, I’ve been unable to make sense of these Seeings until witnessing Andrew’s sign. Unexpected and out of the blue on Earth Day and Easter weekend, the work of a young man tuned into other realms helped me finally understand the images I’m given from other realms.

There it was in blue and white. From the void, The Contributor dropping singular circles of energy as the Mary’s, embodiment of love, presided over the process of creation. The energy of the stars, dropping through blue sky into blue waters, waters that once covered land, seeding the soil and soul with fire, vitalizing Earth, nourishing the plants, energizing our food and if we allow it our hearts, our minds and lives.

Suddenly I realized Earth is a Dream Catcher, a receiver of energetic matter and pattern.

We are dream catchers, receiving energy made of pattern. We are pattern walking in the world, flowing rivers of blood and lymph, trees as lungs, hip bone connected to the thigh bone, constellations of light moving through a world of pattern.

In flower and food, our souls and bodies are fed by pattern, the same regenerative structure of the pattern in Andrew’s sign.

We are divine pattern waking in the world, born to relate in the pattern of love, yet often stuck in patterns of fear mirroring larger social patterns while living in the unfolding pattern of Mystery through Time.

We are pattern divine waking in the world in powerful, pattern shifting times, times that are of expansive, open and fluid energy. Granted free will, we each become Contributors as we choose how we’ll use our energy, relate to or with patterns in nature, in ourselves and in others and whether we’ll open to receive the patterns raining down from above.

Andrew and I parted ways Saturday both holders of signs. He stood on the street corner with another colorful creation and “The Contributor” in hand as I strolled through the park his sign of creation in mine.

Hours later as I made my way to my car, I noticed a name “Hermes” written on the arm of a large Magnolia. Not knowing my gods very well, I took a photo as a note.

Once at home, I immediately researched St. Joseph again. How could I forget?! I didn’t grow up Catholic, but even as a Baptist I knew Joseph was a carpenter, a builder. Among many other things he’s also the saint of social justice and the Universal Church.

How beautiful that Andrew too is a builder, a builder of divine art from designs found in trash and although I don’t know personally as to Andrew's situation I do know many homeless people are victim to our less than just society.

For days and weeks to come, I will be digesting the many grace-filled messages my Earth Day/Easter weekend experience.

Whether you worship Jesus who went into the down under to rise for the soul or the seed planted in the down under that rises from the soil, we are each male and female, carpenters and builders, the Joseph's of the world. And we are each Mary’s of the world, holding the energy and capacity for expanding, opening Love, the corner stone of the Universal church.

As divine pattern in divinely patterned time, may we all feel and recognize the pattern of Light raining down from above, the pattern of Light, the pattern of Love.

P.S. Thank you, Andrew, for finding your way to the corner Saturday. Keep designing your art !

P.S. While rereading this story, I realized I never looked into Hermes - the tree. Inside I smiled as I read on-line: Hermes was considered among a multitude of things the great messenger of the gods in Greek myth, a guide to the under world and those who cross borders reminding me of those I encounter at night and the inventor of fire (ah, energy).

Inside I smiled and outside I cried, part of my heart's joyful pattern in these divine times.

-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 27 April 2011

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Dorothy Reilly said...

Dawn - my heart overflows with love as I read this. Thanks for this gift.