Friday, April 8, 2011

Addicted to Joy

Is it possible to be addicted to joy? If so, is there actual harm in this?

Here are my day's joy makers. May they bring a smile and prompt you to take a sip of your own joy and if not you may borrow a sip of mine.

Joy is tucking seeds into little earthen rows (with Bob's help of course).

-- blankets of brightly colored flowers at a local nursery.

--Mystery and Bogey checking out the bag of newly arrived lady bugs before they're placed in the garden.

--Finding homemade tomato and peach salsa still edible from last fall and eating it of course.

--Seeing and smelling the symphony conductor from Musings past blossom into its full lilacness. (Then discovering baby Siberian irises have spread beneath the lilac from a patch a foot away.)

--Sunset reflected in red wine.

--The moon above in a star filled sky.

I wish for you a gentle shift to joy this Spring and if joy's addictive we can start JA.

-Dawn! The Good News Muse - 8 April 2011

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