Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Golden Home

At first I thought the shell lying at my feet was a peanut shell. (I broke my rule last week and fed the squirrels some peanuts in the shell.) Curiosity got the best of me and I picked it up to find this gilded casing had been the home to something, something that may eat my plants or tree leaves in the months to come or something that may have already been food for a bird.

What I do know is this shell once held life and my first thought was 'I hope this is symbolic of me!'

For this golden home I now hold in my palm reminds me of my home, this physical body of mine and the life within that I take for granted and forget.

Just last night as I lay in bed with my hand on my chest, I realized I was feeling the beat of my heart - the steady beat of the organ rhythmically thumping inside me. It has been with me all along, yet in fifty-six years I have not stopped to really take this in. Really take it in.

How have I neglected this golden home of my body that has held me, heart, spirit, body, mind and soul?

This golden home in my palm reminds me as well of my earthly home - Mother Earth as I think of her. I am connected to her. How is it I take my body more for granted than the Earth?

Some people spend more time focused on Earth issues while others spend more time tuned into their body's issues. I live more tuned in to dirt, water and trees than to the dirt and water of me.

These are wonderings I will ponder in the days ahead. For now, what I know is I want to imprint within me this golden home with the dirt heart on its shell. I want to be reminded that my body and this Earth are golden homes in which and on which I live.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse  24 Aug. 2015

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