Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Of Soles and Souls (After the Morning's Near-Accident)

The first thing I do each morning is ensure the bird feeders are filled and this time of year the hummingbird feeders as well. This morning I took fresh sugar water outside and promptly stepped on a feeder part that I had left on the ground the day prior. A metal point punctured my flip flop and made contact with my bare sole just as I stepped down. Fortunately somehow I avoided puncturing skin and as is not uncommon for me kept right on with my outside tasks without checking my foot.

As I walked about the yard, I began to feel the subtle physical repercussions throughout my body. The angle in which I stepped in order to avoid a major injury could be felt in my hip, back, and neck. And interestingly the discomfort in my right foot was mirrored in my right hand which now had a similar discomfort.

I marveled at the interconnectedness of my body and how an event with my foot could be felt in so many places. 

I came inside to ice my sole and take a remedy to prevent bruising. I hoped a temporarily cold sole would prevent a bruised and hurting one come tomorrow. 

The connections in my body reminded me of the connections related to Mother Earth's body. What we do to the Earth or don't do through negligence or ignoring comes back to haunt us whether through present disasters with the Animas River that's now running orange with metals and toxins that were stored from mining decades prior or the cancers sourced in environmental toxins.

I sat and pondered my foot and sole and root and soul. 

To harm or affect the root of something affects all else. 

And to "get to the root" of something takes time and space for considering. Whatever one finds at the root, often creates tension, discomfort and initially at least more questions than answers. 

In trying to prevent a bruised or hurting sole, my temporarily cold sole also reminded me of bruised, hurt, cold souls in today's world as well as those of the past who still impact the present because of what they did to the root of something or because the root of their distress was never addressed. (I think of the impact of the Great Depression still on generations today evidenced through addictions born out of family histories in which one's ancestors never dealt with the consequences of the Depression and its trauma.)

I have more questions than answers in today's world, yet I know bruised, cold, hurting souls need to be heard, deeply heard, even if they don't care about hearing themselves. They need those of us who can to bear witness and hold what they are doing to Mother Earth's waters, soil, air, plants, animals, and people. They need those of us who are willing to hold great compassion for them and for ALL and to hold the better questions as to what is driving them to treat Nature and others with such disdain, violence, and hate. 

Not paying attention caused my accident this morning yet listening allowed me to make connections and hear the deeper story in this simple event. 

Not paying attention has gotten us to where we are in this time yet listening (without reacting) can just possibly allow us to hear at a deeper level what's trying to emerge through souls that have been bruised over time.

Listen. Be curious for what's going on at the root...of your sole, your soul and all souls.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse  12 August 2015

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