Friday, August 22, 2014

"May All Be Forgiven" - A Prayer of Forgiveness

"May all who have been involved in destruction 
in this time and throughout time feel forgiveness. 

On this day, may they feel forgiveness and find freedom. 

May all who have been involved in destruction 
feel forgiveness, 
find freedom,
 and remember how to fly." 
                                        - Dawn, 07/27/2014

When I awoke yesterday with the word forgiveness going through my mind, I knew it was time for these simple lines penned in my journal but never shared.  In late July when they came to me, I needed to pen them in my heart which was really the more important place to record them.

And to be honest I was afraid.  What would people think of such a message, actually a prayer asking that all involved in destruction throughout time, not just today, experience forgiveness?  How could I share that when I wasn't sure I had forgiven at this level myself?

July ended and I was well into August before printing out the monthly Celestial Timings I receive from Cayelin Castell. Inside I smiled, as I read that August offered many opportunities for practicing radical forgiveness.  This is why the prayer above came to me, yet still I did not share it.

That was nearly a month ago.

With the word forgiveness literally on my mind yesterday morning, I returned to the prayer which may have even more relevance today.  In the last three weeks, destruction has been in the forefront with the events here at "home" in Ferguson and overseas in Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Syria.  Jesus' words, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do comes to mind."

Returning to the initial writing also allowed me to see the note I made in relation to two feathers I found in my yard that last week of July.

Beneath the prayer, I had written the phrase "the balancing of debts."

I have found dozens of feathers over the years yet never had I found two specific feathers within moments of one another as I did.

Woodpecker and Blue Jay left perfect gifts in my yard.  In their balance and the symmetry of black and white and black and blue I saw the balancing of karmic debts between blacks and whites, the black and white of duality and the planes of Earth and Sky.

Forgiveness balances debts on planes that are planetary and personal which takes me back around to me. The most important place to start is within, isn't it?

Destruction occurs at many levels in many ways, but that for which I first need forgiveness is with myself.  I participate in self-destruction when I do not forgive myself for not persisting with a particular screenplay years ago and for not having fierce focus with my creativity.  My energy drains and I am not fully present if I do not forgive myself for prior decisions when I did not listen and trust in Me?  

I have participated in the destroying of trust at a transpersonal level through holding a grudge against the Universe and the Great Mystery of my life.  I didn't realize until recently that I have not forgiven the Divine for happenings with the actor Bill Murray and events in France and in the Grand Canyon? (Those are stories for another day and no, I was not in France or the Grand Canyon with Bill Murray, at least in this life.)

Fortunately this morning I decided to also read ahead in Celestial Timings for the coming days.

Radical self-love and forgiveness were referenced repeatedly as the Moon is in Leo today and passes near Venus tomorrow then the star Regulus in the heart of the lion on Monday.

Cayelin writes, "It (the Virgo New Moon exact Monday morning) is a powerful time to use sacred ceremony and forgive all the harm that has ever been thought or done toward any part of life. This includes forgiving the unforgivable with the understanding that what has been done cannot be undone but does not have to continue to influence future events. 
By forgiving everything it frees up the old stuck patterns of the heart and the mind, so something new, magical and ever so sacred can emerge." * 

This connects directly to the prayer  with which I began.  

I often am harsh with myself as to my own timing. I judge myself as procrastinating or late so often with my writings and my life.  Yet in the bigger picture this is the perfect timing for the sharing of the forgiveness prayer.  

Let us turn our attention toward forgiveness as the skies profoundly assist us. We are offered assistance in so many ways.  

This morning I realized my assistants, woodpecker and blue jay, offered one last message relevant to this time.  Woodpecker represents new rhythms while blue jay represents the proper use of power.  

By consciously forgiving, we can use our personal power to clear ourselves internally and with one another.  Doing this allows us to discover a new rhythm as individuals and as a collective in which we are free from all the ways we have held ourselves back. 

May we ALL feel forgiveness, find freedom and fly.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 22 August 2014

To learn how the nest in the photo above and I found one another click HERE

*This particular paragraph is from the Monday August 25, 2014 Celestial Timing by Cayelin Castelle.  

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