Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Imagine the Shift's New App

It's occurred to me recently that when I awake in the night receiving messages I record them yet I don't say "Thank you" to their source. Appreciation in that moment doesn't cross my internal radar.  Even when morning comes, I get out of bed quietly feeling something kin to low level panic while thinking, "What do I do? What is the message here? How will I get it out?" 

I still don't say "Thank you"? How could I forget this???

In this way I am kin to men (and women), CEO's running the country, stockpiling wealth, driven by unconscious fear there won't be enough, who forget to say "Thank you." This makes me no different from people who hurriedly eat forgetting to say "Thank you." This makes me no different from people driving 40 down the small hill by my house not realizing they're driving down a neighborhood street as well as missing the trees all around them.

Unappreciative people are one of my pet peeves.  Yet I am my own pet peeve when I lapse into unconsciousness and forget to say "Thank you" and most importantly feel "Thank you" to the deliverer of my visions, to the sun overhead, the soil beneath me and the world all around me.

Based on 2011 figures, I figure there are close to 1 million apps now available for iphones, droids and such yet the one APP available 24/7 in these bodies of ours is the App of Appreciation.

Now why on Earth would I not keep this App on all the time inside?? 

Can you Imagine the Shift that might occur if we used the App we already own?

Can you Imagine the Shift that WOULD occur if we turned on our internal App of Appreciation ???

-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 2 May 2012

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