Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'For' Love

As I walked this morning I saw a sign in a window that read:  “Way to go, Kelly!” I suspect Kelly ran in the marathon. Thousands gathered along Nashville streets to cheer on runners last weekend. This made me smile yet think.  People cheer on sports teams, congregate for religious events and rally for causes yet in each event that’s ‘for’ there’s usually an entity that’s against. (I suspect there was no one ‘against’ Kelly.)

Is there any ‘for’ for which there might not be an ‘against’?   Might we all be ‘for’ the heart and Love and not just on Valentine’s and select holidays? 

What would it look like if I woke up ‘for’ Love each day?  And then I realize this is what crisis does as happened two years ago with the flood. In the midst of great loss, we woke up ‘for’ Love every day as strangers and friends crossed usual divides offering their hands, hearts and minds to make heart break and loss more bearable.

This morning I ask: What will it look like, what will it feel like if I wake up 'for' Love today?  What does it look like to rally for my heart and open to all it contains? 
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 1 May 2012

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