Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Imagine the Shift - Morning Light & Hope for Man

(Most weekdays for the past two months, I can be found somewhere in my postage stamp-size yard near I-440 not that far from downtown.  This brief Musing came as I sat this morning tucked in a corner of my deck as Sun rose.)

Then I look up and see sunlight in the top of one tree this morning and think: 'There is hope for man.  As long as another day dawns, we are given yet another chance to do this love thing with one another, to be this love thing with ourselves.'

I quickly note the above and look up again to see the light has spread. It shines not just in one tree, but two then three. In only a few moments time, Sun's first rays have traveled across the continent of my backyard.

I make a few notes then look up again to see light moving still. As day's ensued and Sun begins to climb, the light lowers.  From head to toe, it begins to move down the tree's body.

As the hum of traffic increases and a jack hammer begins its woodpecker-like rhythm on the nearby overpass, I feel I've been given the secret to life and love through light. 

Morning light reveals how love travels quietly across the land. I still believe there is hope for man.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 16 May 2012

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