Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Print Maker

After hearing an odd sound in the driveway last evening, I lowered a shade, one not lowered in years, in order to check out the sound. I looked and listened then forgot to raise the shade.

This morning as I sat in my usual quiet time space, the word Listen kept showing up on my internal radar as I pondered my purpose and the need to trust. Impatience stirred within me. To be sure I got the message, the nearby book I randomly opened (to avoid listening) referenced..... yes, listening.

This week I've been considering the dark times in my life, the times in which I’ve felt so lost. Contrary to how it may appear now, these times have been many and have often resulted from my not listening. I have discovered a discomfort in holding these times, in turning them over, remembering my ignoring, all the ways I've subtly, unknowingly allowed fear to stop me, hold me hostage in my very own life.

This morning I listened and looked up to see an exquisite pattern across the room as morning sunlight from the still lowered shade shown in the window and through the top of a nearby table.

In the morning quiet, I heard the pattern remind me that without the dark, I wouldn't recognize the light.

I continued to li
sten with my eyes and saw a sunflower, then a spiral staircase leading to and from the Divine, the vortex through which energy arrives.

I sat before my cathedral window connected to all who have done so prior. Thanks to the window in my ordinary little home, I sensed the magic and glory those early window builders felt.

I continued listening and realized I was seeing and being seen by the All Seeing Eye.

I listened and noticed the bigger pattern around the pattern. The morning breeze moved through the evergreen outside. Spirit moving outside stirred the image inside, inside me and inside my room. Spirit’s heart beat in Nature outside my window mirrored the movement of my own heart beat. (The video's below.)

Matter in form, the table and evergreen, light and dark revealed Spirit to me.

These thoughts first began to move through my mind two nights ago in a printmaking class. I drove away from class thinking of the simplicity of patterns and how the complex is built on the simple. It is all so simple. Simple and profound.

Spirit comes to us through Matter, the material of our body and the world in pattern.

The suns pattern moved across the sky. The eye closed as my day began.

I am given the gift of leaving prints, of being the Print Maker in my life. What patterns will I impart and be part of? Will I keep my internal shade lowered so I look and listen, see and hear what is available in my journey? Will I allow or resist the matter that is me to hold the pattern of love or fear?

Whether you call it, God, Goddess, Energy or Accident we are each gifted from the Print Maker with the capability of making patterns and activating them, bringing them to life so they are part of the greater Print of these times.

What patterns will you impart?

-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 9 July 2011

Here's a 50 second video of what I saw.

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