Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There's a Fountain Flowing Deep & Wide

Recently a friend on facebook messaged me: “You’re deep” in response to something I had written on-line. I didn’t quite know how to respond but I did and she in return shared that she was sitting on her porch by candlelight listening first to the rains then to her fountain.

Her comment was in response to my having shared on-line something I learned that evening from a talk I had happened upon by a professor of astrobiology while having dinner in a local coffee shop. I had previously learned that only 4% of the Universe is actually known and the other 96% is called Dark Matter. This parallels the fact that scientists know what goes on in about 4% of the human brain while the remaining 96% is yes, dark matter.

During the talk, the professor spoke of this and added that there are 100 trillion known stars in our solar system which interestingly parallels the number of cells in one’s body. He also shared that he had a middle school science text from the mid-50’s in which the authors stated there were 100,000 known stars.

Our knowledge base of the outer has expanded vastly in only a few decades. I thought of the accordion style paper fans I use to make. It’s a bit like thinking we live on one fold only to learn a dozen folds are available. The story is much deeper and wider than thought.

I considered how the story of our universe expands, yet the storylines of our personal universe the inner story especially in times of stress and change seem to contract and become increasingly rigid. Even those of us who claim developing awareness get sidetracked in terms like good guys and bad guys. We get stuck in the details of who did what to whom in our microscopic family stories and our larger national news stories.

As I sat with all this, a song crossed my mind. As a child in Sunday School we sang, “Deep and wide. Deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”

I hummed this song and thought of how the fountain of knowledge and creativity has been accessed by minds throughout time to expand our story of ‘out there.’ Now is the time for tapping into the divine fountain of love flowing deep and wide, a fountain filled with the stars of love, a fountain desirous of our using it to expand our inner story and our relational stories.

I sat at my computer smiling about this when I noticed two other comments on-line. A girl friend who obviously does her math noted that given the above figures our brains would then have 4 million stars. Another chimed in “What a great cosmic gig!”

As a teenager I always wanted to be in a band, but this gig was greater than any band I danced to on Soul Train. This was the Soul train, the one for which our souls are here in these times.

I still smile weeks later while writing this thinking of how we are all Rock Stars on planet Earth, the Rock Star! I smile knowing there is a fountain that flows deep and wide. It is filled with water and fire, tears and passion opening the hardest of hearts in these times.

I smile realizing how both scientists and my girl friends are engaged in the expansive, the big story of discovery, creation and imagination. And I smile knowing that my friend whose comment sparked this story by initially writing “You’re deep” is deep too. Sitting on her candle lit patio listening to water is one of the beautiful ways to tap into the fountain.

My prayer is that just as we’ve grown our knowledge of the stars, we will expand the inner story, the story of the heart’s fire. May that fire burn away our limiting beliefs and labels so we shine with love on the Cosmic Soul Train of these times for we are all deep, living deep story in these times, the deep times.
-Dawn! Imagine the Shift! 2 June 2010

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