Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're All Packing Heat !

Tennessee's legislature continues to use their time pressing for gun legislation known as open carry laws. If the law is passed we would join over thirty states to have some type of legislation regarding allowing guns in bars, restaurants, state parks etc.

In the last week, I've quit keeping track of the law's status for the truth is we are all "packing heat"- the power of love is the heat of the heart. It's pretty simple. Regardless of legislation and regardless of where we live, we each get to choose how and if we will use our heart's love.

With the flood a month ago, Nashville and Middle Tennessee in particular is presented with a beautiful opportunity, an opportunity money cannot buy. The rains broke open our hearts, blurring boundaries and lines as Democrats helped Republicans, youth helped the elderly, Christian helped Muslim, North helped South and somewhere I'm sure a tea party person or two helped a liberal and vice versa.

Out of our crisis we've increased connection crossing zip codes, race, gender, age, income and religion, our usual fear-based divides. Out of our crisis we've the opportunity to now consciously cultivate these new connections by carrying open hearts and choosing to act with the power of love.

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