Friday, May 14, 2010

Nashville - Our Moment in Time

Nashville made it to "Time" magazine this week as "The Moment" of the week. I'm not ungrateful for the coverage, but I've a different perspective as to their referencing our city being destroyed.

Yes, the losses are deep and many - homes, possessions, businesses, churches, musical instruments, crops, pets, wildlife, trees and lives have been lost. The depth of loss is nearly unfathomable but Nashville and the surrounding communities were not "destroyed" as the story referenced. We will only be destroyed if we allow it, if we ignore the amazing energy present here.

Think about it. Nashville is the Athens of the South, home to the Parthenon and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. We are home to educational institutions including Fisk, Nashville's first university opened in 1866 and Jubilee hall built expressly for educating African Americans. We were integral to the civil rights movement. We are Music City, home now to a myriad of genres and musicians. We are the hub for numerous publishing houses. We are the Buckle of the Bible belt. We are home to many of the Lost Boys of Sudan and a multitude of immigrant groups. And last but not least, this summer three art-related venues host the amazing glass works of artist Dale Chihuly.

Nashville is home to creativity, voice, faith and ultimately the heart. Loss only robs us of this if we allow it to.

Yes, we have been immersed in water and we must take time to grieve. We have like Mr. Chihuly's glass been through the fire. But if we allow the tears in our hearts to fall, the fire in our hearts will rise and Nashville will a play an important role in the rising of the heart in this world in a most beautiful, miraculous way.

Hold with me the grieving, rising heart in Nashville as we meet the unknown in love and in hope without fear. This truly is our moment, our moment in Time.

-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 5/14/10


Unknown said...

You are absolutely correct. Nashville is rich in culture and is at the heart of our southern hospitality. Since attending art school in Seattle I became familiar with Dale Chihuly's work! I think the word I am looking for is : WOW! Sending you love and light!

We met in the garden section of a store and talked about the Natural Answer Wellness Center / yoga / healing ..etc. Nice hearing from you.

LeisaHammett said...

Excellent, Dawn!