Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"God Is Love" - Synchronicity

A couple of days ago, the inscription on the backs of notes my mother mailed me crossed my mind. For a period, she always wrote on the outside of the envelope: "God is love." I save many things so I didn't go looking for the envelope but did wonder where it was. I had kept the one that birthed the epiphany for me. A few years ago, I saw those simple words as I took it from the mailbox and I got it.

God IS Love. 

In that moment, I knew in my being it was so simple yet profound.

Last night before bed my August 2009 journal got my attention. I've two wooden crates in which I keep journals. This particular one with its pages falling out and called to me. The cover holds the Eiffel Tower and two other towering structures I don't recognize. I read the first page then went to bed but noted I wanted to read more this morning.

As I sat outside with downy and red belly woodpeckers at the feeder at 5:30am I opened the journal and there it was...

The three towers on the cover remind me of how we create structures, steeples on church and city skyscrapers, trying to be gods, trying to reach God yet God is. God is Love.

God is Love and where love is there is God.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 1 July 2015

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Kathy Plourde said...

Magical mystery.... I love this in my life...