Monday, March 9, 2015

The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

Do you notice how the extraordinary is embedded in the ordinary?

Many mornings I am attitudinally challenged, but one recent morning was especially intriguing since Jerry and I talked the night prior about my having a morning ritual before getting out of bed.  I immediately knew the essential oil I would inhale before my feet hit the floor. I had not used it in a year or more.  I found it, slipped the bottle under my pillow and fell asleep only to be awakened by the prolonged alarm Jerry forgot to turn off when he got out of bed.

The blaring sound didn't help with easing into my day in a different way.  I grumpily took the essence from under my pillow, forgot to use it and headed downstairs. As I waited for water to boil, I began to work on the top of my new outdoor mug. In trying to get the flip top back on track, I had broken the entire lid. I don't spend money easily and the most expensive mug I've ever bought was suddenly not functional for cold mornings outside.

I then turned off the boiling tea water just in time to see the essential oil bottle nearby land in the floor. The "Heart of God*" broke. Its contents spilled to the floor

The Heart of God was broken.  

Tears welled in my eyes. I knew immediately this is a big part of my challenge in getting out of bed each morning. My heart gets broken and I don't always own my sorrow.  To make matters worse I try to protect or shield my heart to ensure brokenness doesn't occur again. 

I cleaned up the mess and took out bird seed while the tea steeped. On the deck, I bent down to tussle the herbs' green heads forgetting I had an open container of seed tucked in the crook of my arm. Seed was now all over the deck. 

These were not the rituals I had planned to get my day off to a better start yet they were exactly what I needed.

As I pondered the cup, the Heart of God and spilled seed, this creation story came to me. 

The cup appeared empty though in quantum science terms it was filled with invisible energy since nothing is ever really empty. The Divine took the lid off so to speak eons ago and Creation's energy came tumbling out. Humans eventually showed up on the scene and in time God's heart was broken. How could it not be looking at how the earth and her kin are treated as well as people living impoverished, neglected and trafficked.

Yet seed was on the deck. 

In baseball terms, this gave me great hope for the seed on deck represented new souls and old souls ready for a do-over, awaiting their turn at Earth's home plate. Seed on the deck reminded me of opportunities awaiting, opportunities of which I'm unaware but am being prepared. Seed on the deck represented all things new and ready to grow - ideas, inspiration and hope.

As the alarm clock of these times blares, I am grateful for the seed on deck. I am grateful for the extraordinary messages I see and hear in my ordinary life. And although I know I am episodically cause for Divine grief, I also know I am balm for that grief as well.

Pay attention to how the extraordinary arrives in your life. There are secrets hidden everywhere.

*Click HERE for information on Belva Cunningham's line of "Scentered" line of essential oils. 

-Dawn, The Good News Muse 9 March 2015

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