Monday, March 9, 2015

The Elements - Inspired by Blue and Gray

I've seen this scene from our bedroom a multitude of mornings, but never before have the words "blue and gray" crossed my mind until yesterday. 

I glanced outside while reading as those two colors came from nowhere, which is always somewhere.  They were quickly followed by "the civil war."

I am no history buff and only did well in history class because I could memorize the facts required on tests. Had something specific occurred on March 8 during the Civil War? 

I grabbed my computer and instantly learned the battle between the Merrimack and Monitor began March 8, 1862.  I vaguely knew these terms but had no idea what happened. My search took me to various sites where I learned this was the first meeting in battle of ironclad warships, quite different from their wooden ancestors, and neither side actually won. The Merrimack had been rebuilt with much of its wooden structure replaced by iron and the Monitor was reminiscent of the submarines to come as it was primarily under water.

Wood   Metal   Water   Earth   Fire 

I thought of the elements involved in making theses ships and something a stranger said to me during the recent ice storm.  As I dropped my car off at the airport, a gentleman and I had a brief exchange regarding the storm that had just passed through Tennessee. He said, "The elements have some responsibility. They are trying to get our attention." This was a kindred spirit. I agreed, got on my plane for a brief flight and eventually had lunch in the hotel restaurant where I was attending a conference. That restaurant just happened to be named "Elements."

Earth's precious elements have served us for eons. Even during weather crises, the elements serve to help us connect with one another when we are open to it. This was evidenced during Nashville's 2010 flood and the recent ice storm on the Cumberland Plateau as folks from various churches and zip codes crossed social divides to help those in need.

Wood    Metal    Water    Earth    Fire

Fire's energy broke open the nut birthing the great wood sculpture called oak out my window as fire and water made steam propelling these great metal beings I glimpsed through history's window.  

We've the opportunity and gift, the responsibility and challenge of using and harnessing the elements with greater consciousness. What gets in our way? How is it difference and opposition so easily divide? In some people's minds, the blue and gray still fight.

Then I thought of the colors - blue and gray.

Blue represents the throat chakra, the center of voice and will.  Gray is what we are challenged to hold each day as we navigate the issues and differences that create tension rather than resort to black and white. 

If those who died in the civil war were around today, what might they voice regarding the consequences of war such as never seeing their loved ones again? If they could get our attention, like a weather crisis does, what might they say as to our divisiveness?

May we use the elements of our daily life and honor the elements of Earth so that wars are fewer and our differences don't as easily divide us.
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 9 March 2015

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