Friday, November 14, 2014

It's All about Me (and You) - Self-Love Could Usher in Peace

I recently saw three-year-old James. I had not seen him or his mother since they moved from next door months prior.  James came running from his condo and threw himself around my lower half while shouting, "Dawn, Dawn, Dawn."

My experience of James was followed by seeing photos of another young soul who's not even a year old.  His mother shared photos of his discovering his BFF (Best Friend Forever) in the mirror. His expressions in the mirror as he greeted himself were priceless.

The joy, delight and enthusiasm of these two boys have stayed with me for they hold the keys to greater peace, love and understanding.

Think about it.

If we each looked into the mirror and saw our BFF or had the joy of James upon seeing me, the world would not be the same. (It's much harder to condemn and judge another if I'm happy to see them in the world as James was me.)

I cannot authentically and deeply love myself (be my own BFF) and neglect myself.

If I authentically love me, it is harder to harm you because to harm another in thought, word or deed creates discomfort and dissonance not just in you, but within me.

It just doesn't line-up with love.

I viewed the "it's all about me" trend a few years ago as yet another means to sell cheap stuff to narcissists and consumers feeling internally empty. Now I wonder if many of those who bought into it being all about them possibly needed their lives to be all about them for a change.

On a deeper level this holds a beautiful and profound message.  If 'It is all about me" I will genuinely embrace being Me, especially since no one will ever be me!

Think about that for a moment. No one has ever been you or will ever be you.  This is something to celebrate. Imagine someone running up to you, especially if you were in a down space, and exclaiming your name " _____, _____, _____" as James did mine.  Wouldn't that be a beautiful thing? I know, I know you might first have to get over being embarrassed.

The fact that You are You is a beautiful, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime thing!

The fact that We are all here together on this beautiful, amazing planet at this time is a once-in-a-Universe thing.  The expressions of these two boys are key to living within and without in much greater joy and peace.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse  14 November 2014

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