Monday, June 30, 2014

Love's Pattern in the Web of Time - Honoring Walden's Puddle

This story has been on my mind and the many animals at Walden's Puddle on my heart after the fire a week ago that killed many of them. Please keep the people and animals at Joelton's Walden Puddle in your prayers and meditations as they rebuild a facility due to severe smoke damage in this their high season for receiving injured animals.  To learn more or donate click here:  Walden's Puddle 

What role does synchronicity play in your life?  What pattern is essential to really living? 

Last night before bed, a face book post from a friend got my attention.  An owl had hit the hood of her car while she was driving, frightening her and she suspected killing the owl.  Inside I cringed as one response asked if this meant 'bad luck' and another suggested making stew. These mysterious creatures of the night prompt discomfort and fear in some yet awe in others.

Minutes prior, I had been among the awe-filled while attending a reception for Walden's Puddle, an area wildlife rehab center.  The event honored those donating money, time and service to Walden's animals and included a viewing of the new dvd "Giving Wildlife a Second Chance."

Among the mingling guests walked an employee with Carson*, a screech owl unfazed by the music and people. Carson is one of the few animals that can't be returned to the wild thus he serves as an animal ambassador for educational purposes.  

Upon seeing the face book message, it seemed synchronistic that I spent the evening with those who rehab owls and animals so they can return to their home in the wild as my friend two hours away encountered the owl that returned to its home in the stars. 

Earlier the same day another synchronicity got my attention.  While at a musical event on Wednesday night, I met a young woman I had not seen in a year.  When we initially met she told me of working with Roma youth in Europe. The Roma or gypsies have suffered much discrimination which continues presently. 

After seeing Amber, I came home and saw a news story regarding the new Berlin memorial dedicated that day to the Roma people killed in the Nazi Holocaust.  Between 200,000 and 500,000 Roma were killed by Hitler due to their darker skin. 

Early the following morning I awoke thinking of the profound beauty of the owl dying as not that far away we celebrated owls and animals.  Thanks to the unseen web by which we are all connected, I believe the owl leaving Earth felt the love shared by those of us gathered celebrating Walden. Likewise the souls of the Roma killed decades ago felt the love of those gathered on German soil this week honoring their loss.   

Mystics and indigenous people have always known of the web that quantum science is now researching.  Through the energetic, unseen threads of this web, these beings, animal and human, both held with fear and suspicion by some, found comfort in Love's pattern, the pattern of an open heart.

It seems more vital than ever that we keep our hearts and minds open so those closed in fear can experience Love's pattern in the web wherever they are in these Times.

* Carson I learned died, not in the fire but naturally, and was replaced by Demetri.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 26 October 2012
and again 30 June 2014 

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