Friday, May 23, 2014

Options for Living from the Inner Well or Inner Hell

From March 2014.....

The first thing I noticed when I sat down this morning were two bundles of wisteria blossoms on the ground not far from where I sit most mornings in my small Nashville yard.  This struck me as odd as I'm accustomed to seeing the purple clusters hanging from the vine. These looked deliberately placed near my morning chair.  I laid them on a journal that I had brought outside to read.  Their long bunched bodies reminded me of people passing on a family tree.  Then I noticed those nearest the base had opened while those at the tip had not.

In the wisteria, I saw our options for living. 

As children, we come here open.  Some close early on never really opening again, I suspect, while others sooner or later find their way back to the openness of childhood.

I took a photo then suddenly from nowhere which is always somewhere tears arrived and I wept.  I had come upon my Heart's truth.

I want to always live open.  

I want to always live open yet I haven't and I don't all the time.  Living open for me means feeling and feeling means not only allowing in joy and delight but pain and sorrow as well.  People are cruel. They hurt the animals I love. They unconsciously bring harm to Mother Earth and at times they hurt the people I love too. Those I know and those I don't know have let me down as well.  Yet taking others personally, at least for me, creates an inner hell.

Feeling primes my heart's pump.  When I allow the sorrow and loss to flow, I also ultimately find peace, joy, and love flowing from my inner well.

When I fall, whether today or 10,000 today's away, I want to have shown up in my life like the wisteria in my yard.  I want to live open and connected to my inner well rather 
than in a self-created inner hell. 

I am so very grateful for the messages in Nature, simple yet profound, always surrounding us.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, posted 20 May 2014

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