Sunday, July 8, 2012

Can I LIke Nature Let Go and Shift

Leaves have never fallen in Middle TN like this by early July.  If this were October I would experience an inner-ah knowing Nature is doing what comes next, what it needs after a long summer.

Instead this weekend I've sat surrounded by crisp leaves in the grass, grass that looks, smells and sounds more like straw.  I noted as I first sat down that my yard felt like a nest. 'This,' I thought ,'is why birds build nests.' There was a softness I don't experience lying in green grass. 

Over the months, I've sensed the shifting of time, a speeding up unrelated to our busy lives.  This morning I wonder: Are the leaves falling due to drought or are they messaging us, sending a sign, that Nature is making an adjustment in these Shifting Times.  Are the leaves all around me a sign not just of drought but evidence of our dancing with the Universe and something changing beyond and beneath clock time?

December 25, 2011 - Nashville, TN
This line of thinking first came to me while walking in my neighborhood on Christmas Day last year.  One particular shrub three or four blocks away was popping with blossoms and buzzing with bees months early. I intuitively knew the shrub was responding not just to our carbon emissions but to unseen, subtle energetic emissions from the Universe.

Politicians and people get locked into argument and debate but there is no debating that for millions of years Earth has changed.  I'm one of those concerned with the rapidity of this change.  This weekend's experience reminds me that things are changing due to humankind's ongoing impact yet there's another change, a Shift occurring as we are part of a universal dance with stars, planets and things unknown, unseen.  There's a dance occurring with a great Mystery.

I am asked in this dance if I can like Nature let go in love?  Can I stop resisting and like the leaves around me fall into and flow with what's unfolding between me, Earth and the Universe? Will humankind fall into and flow with what's unfolding or will our need to control and our fear be our down fall?

Imagine the Shift.  
-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 8 Jully 2012 

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