Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wanted: Willing Weavers -Spider's Message

Early this Spring one afternoon sleep over came me and I lay down.  As soon as I closed my eyes a fuchsia spider crawled into my black field of vision.  The spider itself then turned black as my field of vision turned fuchsia. I watched the little black spider crawl upward. As it got to an edge the Universe appeared and spider vanished as it crawled into the stars.  The scene then began to move away from me. As it did, I realized the Universe was in an eye, a woman's eye which I think of as the Divine Feminine.

For days I tried to figure this out. What was I being told?

Something has shifted in my brain over the last year. For a long time I blamed it on surgery nearly two years ago then on nearing menopause.  Now I sense it's part of another shift, a shift from my thinking the way I'm accustomed to listening deeply and intuitively.

Days passed and a month later, I snapped this photo of our clematis. This is the most beautiful it's been in the nearly twenty years since we planted it.

After taking the photo I saw the spider and immediately thought of my vision as well as another last Fall when I was in the stars and saw a black hole or portal holding what I knew was the uncreated energy in the Universe making itself available to us now for conscious creation.  

This speck of a spider so near the clematis' center looked right at me and suddenly I knew what it was telling me:  "This is where I crawled to in the Universe. I am at that energy center making available for all who are willing weavers new energy for this Time, energy of Love wanting to come into the Earthly realm, but I need willing weavers."

I'm a willing weaver most days yet there are times when I still go unconscious, struggle and disconnect.

Spider says: Give me the strands of what you call fear, your uncertainty and apprehension and let us hold them in Love for you do not do this alone.  I sit at the portal ready to weave with all on Earth and through the Universe the energy of compassion and love."

Are you a willing weaver?
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 21 June 2012

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a willing weaver!