Monday, February 6, 2012

Daffodils - Memory for Me

....and then I smell the daffodils or buttercups as we called them growing up in the country.  Their sweet scent intersects with my path and suddenly I am awake.  Their yellow faces like suns spring from the crystal vase as I suddenly know this is how we are born to be.  Our spirits are those same suns held in the crystal vase that is the body.   
If within I hold the sun and my body is crystalline, why have I lived so negligently?  How is it I forget who I am with such ease?

I imagine the shift to seeing, feeling and loving who I intuitively know myself to be.  And on days like today when I'm sleepwalking and forget, I am grateful the scent of daffodils awaken me and are memory for me. 

What awakens you to who you really are?  What or who holds the memory of a deeper, higher You for you?

Imagine the Shift. 

- Dawn, the Good News Muse  6 February 2012

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