Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fall Gift

So often Nature stirs the maternal in me. Today on the bluebird house, unoccupied all summer, sat a bird. Binoculars confirmed what we thought was a sparrow was a bluebird. Throughout the day three bluebirds went about taking turns flying in and out of the house preparing their winter's nest. There's something perfect about seeing the hummingbirds off last weekend and finding other feathered kin moving back in. (The blue birds have been absent all summer.)

I was reminded of Valentine's Day three winter's ago when it started to snow. Knowing we had the drive to Nashville in uncertain conditions before us we prepared to leave early. Just as we stood at the back door to say good-bye a bluebird flew into the bird house, followed by another, then another. We watched amazed and delighted as six bluebirds piled into the little house seeking warmth from the sudden snow. For two people who love birds, this little blue brood was a perfect Valentine's gift.

Today a fall gift landed in my lap thanks to the blue birds. Hopefully they're as happy to find their home awaiting as we are to find them.

What gifts of Fall landed in your lap today?
-Dawn, The Good News Muse 23 October 2011

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