Friday, November 19, 2010

Mystery & The Mystery

"We are living a mystery. Hopefully we are not too busy to miss the vital clues."
-Merlin in "Return to Merlin" by Depak Chopra

Lately I've noticed the parallels between Mystery, our calico cat, and the Mystery that is life.

For example, Mystery is insatiable. The only thing she loves better than food is lovingly getting attention. Likewise, life's Mystery is hungry for experience. It wants to be lovingly attended and fed through us as we open ourselves to new experiences in life.

Mystery knows how to relax. Likewise the Mystery that is life calls to us, "Relax" for when we're relaxed we're more tuned in to what really matters each day.

Although she likes attention, Mystery does not like to be held. She wants to explore. To be held is to be confined. The Mystery that is life cannot be held. If anything, it holds us. It moves freely in our lives aware that when we try to confine its energy a part of us dies.

Recently Mystery sat looking at me as I said, "Thank you for keeping my heart open." (Mystery came along only two weeks after my cat of 18 years died, as my hurt heart was closing.) The Mystery when we allow it arrives to keep our hearts open often as we're wanting to close them.

Mystery especially on cold nights will lie on the bed between us. Likewise after all these years it's easy to think or assume I know my partner as he knows me. The truth is the Mystery lies between us, it is the rich Unknown waiting to be ventured into, waiting to be lived.

Mystery is primarily black with patches of yellow and white. The Mystery of life resides in the dark matter of quantum energy. We miss Mystery when we think of darkness as frightening or negative. The dark is space that has yet to experience light.

"Imagine the Shift" in your day as you become curious as to how Mystery is showing up or trying to arrive in your life.
-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 19 Nov. 2010

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