Friday, February 26, 2010

Comings and Goings of the Four-Legged Kind

How is it that during my morning walk Sarge, the neighborhood dog, who I've not seen since late last Summer shows up greeting me like I'm the one who's been absentee? I had left home minutes prior sensing that my friends had just put their dog to sleep, their dog whom I had seen last evening, to whom I said my good-byes and felt an ambialence about his leaving this world. Yes, his days were numbered. I just wasn't sure it was time to call his number, yet he wasn't my pet.

Less than twenty-four hours later, I stood engaging with a chunky robust, very delighted Sarge when it occured to me, Sarge's adoptive owner left him abruptly just about a year ago.
Kenneth, who gave us his excess hoes and rakes when we moved in, moved out of this world suddenly last March. Kenneth and his wife Mildred had adopted Sarge, ensuring he was loved and well fed. Soon after Kenneth's death, Sarge suddenly began hanging out in someone else's yard. In a very short time, he was another's dog and from all appearances still loved and well fed.

Spenser's passing reminds me our four-legged companions leave us yet Sarge's sudden presence reminds me sometimes they get left. In the between-times we are blessed to have one another here on Earth.

Life. It is a series of comings and goings. Moments arrive bearing gifts. Sometimes we take notice and other times we miss the gifting. I don't believe in accidents. Sarge gifted me this morning as Spenser did last evening. I pass the gift to you.

-Dawn!, The Good News Muse

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