Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nature Speaks - Are You Listening?

Nature is continually speaking. Are you listening? Do you see?

While polishing my toenails yesterday, I noticed a speck of lint on my finger. It wouldn't leave as I attempted to brush it aside.  Upon closer look I was grateful for its persistence because the fuzzy speck was a yellow-tipped goldfinch feather.

I was captivated and elated. Immediately I knew I needed to acknowledge the Nature spirits and Nature and ask for assistance in this time of lifting Earth in love. This came to mind but was quickly followed by 'I wish I had another sign.'

That's when I recalled the thank you card I had just gotten from a neighbor at the front door. I opened it. What was on the card? Gold finches.

Excuse me. If I typed this as I felt it, gold finches would be more like GOLDFINCHES.

Still I wanted yet another confirmation, a third sign from gold finch. What?! Why was it not enough to find a wisp of a feather stuck to my finger?

So the Universe, ever patient with me, concurred. I went to get my camera and there was the plaque from years ago from a friend, a plaque I had set aside because it needed a new nail for hanging.  The plaque read: "May the Sun's embrace fall upon this place" and yes there were the requested goldfinches.

After this, I reached for "Nature Speaks" by Ted Andrews. The message of gold finch was perfect.

Goldfinch represents awakening to the Nature spirits. The black cap of the gold finch represents awakening to that which is normally hidden from view. They rarely are silent so they teach us that Nature's always speaking to us. Their undulating flight pattern reflects the ability to lead us between the inner and outer realms, the physical and spiritual realms and from the human to the fairy realms.

Their yellow and black coloring reminded me of tomorrow's solar eclipse as the Moon and Sun embrace. The shadow of that embrace will literally "fall upon this place" as the plaque intimates.

Nature and her Spirits are at our fingertips here to assist in this time....if only we stay awake, listen, see, and open to feeling the messages as they arrive.

Look closely to see the wisp of a feather on my finger tip. 
If this Good News resonates with you, acknowledge the Nature Spirits, acknowledge the Trees, the plant world, the rocks, the birds and all Creation. Ask forgiveness for our negligence. Rejoice in Creation's presence and ask that each assist us in this Time.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse at Imagine the Shift
20 August 2017

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