Friday, September 25, 2015

As We Rise So Does Earth - Ascending and Descending

Upon encountering the zipper spider, I knew it was time to put into writing what I sensed when I found these objects on a morning walk nearly two years ago.

I have looked for the zipper spider around my front door nearly daily this summer. Last year a landscaper with whom I was consulting saw it at my front door and told me what it was. I was smitten and have thus looked, truly nearly every day, to no avail until Wednesday's Autumn Equinox.

Here in Nashville my plants are thirsty for rain. While attaching the hose to the rain barrel, I saw my friend hanging from the oak leaf hydrangea.

I immediately associated the Zipper Spider with opening. That's when I thought of these objects from some time ago and how they are related to this time in which we find ourselves, this time in which we are rising.


I walk my neighborhood streets just about every weekday. On this particular walk, I glanced down to see a white feather reminiscent of a spiral path. I saw it and knew I was seeing the spiral of ascension or rising to a new level of vibration and being.

Then within a couple of steps I saw the spiral earthworm and knew I was being reminded that as we rise, Earth rises. Yet to fully ascend we descend as well. In the descent, we allow to rise the often repressed, denied stuff of this earth walk, the sorrow, shame, anger, and fear. Honoring through feeling these often labeled dark emotions frees us and them.

We rise carrying less of the shadow of our individual and collective past.

Those who are willing to engage this descent can also invite the suppressed experiences and emotions within the land, animals, and plants to rise and be felt. Consciously honoring and asking Earth's energies to be turned into love, peace and light sends healing ripples through the quantum field.

Then in the next block all within a few steps of each other, I found ribbon, chord, a rubber band and a piece that looked like a zipper pull. These simple objects used for closing, wrapping, containing and tying were untied, broken and cut. They conveyed a potent message.

New Times have opened.

After writing the above, I read that the zipper spider is also called the writing spider or Argiope. The argiope symbolizes New Realms or the opening of New Dimensions. (source The Animal Speak Pocket Guide)

New Times have opened! 

I feel such joy in this. 

This potent energetic time in which we rise is the entry to New Realms. Some fear the world's end. I place my attention on the New Realms opening as we traverse the spiral path joining heaven and earth as a Great Shift occurs in the Universe.

-Dawn, The Good News Muse, 25 Sept. 2015

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