Monday, October 25, 2010

Sudden Sadness, Sending Love

(I wrote this Sept. 11th after the experience the night prior. It wasn't until writing it that I realized the day was 9/11. I read it recently to a friend who said, "Do not edit. Send, Dawn, send." So here goes.)

As I washed dishes Friday evening, a sudden sadness came over me accompanied by the thought that in that very moment someone was contemplating how they would kill the President. I immediately said a prayer of protection for President Obama and his family. I prayed that hate and fear would be eased in the world.

I thought this all quite strange, this sudden sadness, this frightening thought. Then I realized in every moment someone is plotting to take a life. Plotting seems a strong word but human beings are making choices whether through an overt act of violence or an indirect taking of life as happens in boardrooms where certain groups of people are seen as expendable and less than.

My prayer was not enough. I went outside and sent the energy of love and peace around the world. I sent love to those who hate. I sent love to those filled with fear especially those whose actions are fueled by fear and they don't even realize they're afraid. I asked that President Obama again be protected as well leaders with whom I disagree.

It is so simple. How easily we forget. We are built for love.
-Dawn! The Good News Muse

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