Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Divine LIght

(This is a shorter version of the 10/01/10 Musing.)
This morning I set out in search of the brush pile I noticed yesterday enveloped in morning glories. Just as I was about to give up on finding my treasure, there it was in the same yard where the Snow Goddess sat only eight months ago during an infrequent Nashville snow.

What a beautiful example of life and death, living and dying succinctly expressed in this one spot. Even as they bloom the morning glories are dying while the seeming dead limbs and branches provide a framework for the flowers and ultimately food for new life as this pile eventually decomposes returning to Earth.

I snapped a couple of photos, hoping also to capture the star in each flower. Yet upon arriving home, I realized these flowers gifted me with more. See the light coming from the star? The Light from which we come and to which we return emanates from these beautiful flowers gracing the dead pile of brush.

I set off this morning in search of morning glories. I am shown that we are surrounded by morning, noon and night glories, the glory of being alive on Earth in such beauty with one another in these times. From all the dying in our world, so much unnecessary dying in our dear world, there comes a Divine Light, a Light of awakening and compassion. May we each awaken to the Divine Light within as well as in one another.

Imagine the shift as we remember the Light we hold and why we are here.
-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 28 Sept. 2010

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