Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of Happiness, Great Mama and Lives Past and Present

Happiness is....
Last evening after a very hectic day, I sat outside feeling at home inside myself, at home and happy and thought, 'Happiness is .......

- watering my newly planted squash, tomatoes, beans and potatoes as they poke their little green heads up through Mother Earth.

-noticing the pink glow in the distant sky.

-trading a jar of my homemade blueberry jam (from Bernie's organically grown blueberries in Fly, TN) for fresh brown, blue and white "home laid" (not corporation made) eggs that now sit in a bowl in the fridge.
-seeing a fox trot through the yard.

-the smell of dandelion wine as it ferments. Now there's a longer story.

-taking an accidental nine mile hike and enjoying it.

-finding nine mice, felt ones, stashed in Mystery and Bogey's hiding places.

-buying purple, gold and blue gem-like glasses on sale at Pier 1 after restraining myself months prior.

-being connected to someone I love miles and miles away as we simultaneously watch the moon.

-hearing my neighbor Judy eagerly ask: "Do I have anything you need?" and my surprising us both by responding, "Yes, a lot of love." (I'm unaccustomed to "outing" myself at this level, but I need a lot of love as I witness what we unconsciously do to Earth, Nature, Animals and one another in the name of progress and often greed.)

On this day, Earth Day and every day "Happiness is........." what to you?

Of Mana and Mama

In the nine-volume series "Religions of the World and Ecology" Leslie E. Sponsel in "Indigenous Traditions and Ecology: The Interbeing of Cosmology and Community" writes: Traditional Hawaiians believed a mystical force called mana permeates everyone and everything, including people, plants, animals, fish, stones, landforms, sea, wind, clouds and rain. Prayers, chants, dances (hula), offerings and rituals are among the ways of channeling mana and communicating with the spirits. Thousands of diverse spiritual beings exist...."

The above reading was compiled by Peggy Rubin as part of my daily meditation through Jean Houston's Mystery School. I read this and thought, 'Yes, a mystical force does permeate everything. Mama permeates everything. Mama, the word connotes a sweetness to me. Mama reminds me of love that sacrifices, not in martyrdom or a look-what-I've-done-for-you attitude, but in a selfless I give and I give, I care and I care thus I share and I share kind of way, because the more I do this, the richer I am. Great Mama surrounds us.

I hear my own Mama calling down the long hallway of my childhood home, the one she stills walks every morning. I hear her calling to my siblings and me, "Come on kids, time to wake up."

The Great Mama now calls down the long halls of Time, calls to us all, "Come on Kids, Time to Wake Up."

The Poppy and Lives Past

I walk out this morning, mug of coffee in hand, and sit on the point of land that juts from my yard in the country. I did not intend this. I walked out to put bird seed in a near-empty feeder. After doing so, I walked to the point and sat down on the ground. In front of me was a lone poppy giving all it had to the surrounding chicweed, sedum and pebbles. Tears came to my eyes.

I was transported to Conques, an old French village, where I spent a few hours on my 50th birthday. We arrived by bus in a slight mist. It was all I could do to sit through lunch as I felt compelled to visit a distant monument on the pilgrim's path visible outside town. I ordered something simple then while others in my group went to explore the old church in town, I headed out of town. Not far down the road over a short wall, I saw a path. Knowing time was limited and feeling drawn to the overgrown area below I wound my way down.

I sat my back against this little tree surrounded by poppies and growing things that reminded me of my home in Middle Tennessee. I sat leaning against this little tree knowing I had lived here prior, that I had loved Nature here and let Nature love me. I sat supported by earth and this little tree knowing what I had learned here allowed me now to live and love in Tennessee.

I've only shared this specific story with one person since my trip. It is private and it's not every day I talk about past life feelings. I've no desire to be judged or argue, prove or disprove whether we've one life or many. All I know is this morning as the poppy 'outs' itself I do likewise. It doesn't matter if we've many lives or one. What matters is my heart's alive and I am witness to the poppy whether in France or Tennessee. What matters is, as Mama calls, I am awake and aware of the simple beauties in life, for it is in the beauty of nature that magic is revealed and we are taught how to really wake up and live.
-Dawn! The Good News Muse, 04/22/2010


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your truth. It takes courage, I know... XOXO

Duann Kier Sywanyk said...

How truly sweet it is to experience our own reality, whether it fits into anyone else's or not!