Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to the Garden - A Thought from Bob and the Buds, I Mean Bulbs

(Bob and I wrote this four months ago. My harsh editor, the one within, didn't allow me to post it. I just found and reread it. I must fire my editor. Soon an update from the "Buds" now six inches tall! -Dawn)
"You've trouble with endings, huh?" Bob said noticing I was turning earth in a new part of the garden before putting 'to bed' the raised bed over which Bob had presided since his August arrival.

"What's up with that? he continued.

"You tell me," I shot back. "You're the one who talks with butterflies and caterpillars."

"It was one butterfly and caterpillar and as I told you they only came to me when they couldn't get your attention.....unlike now when you're eager to discuss what I'm noticing," Bob retorted and continued, "Rewind, rewind, I'm sorry. I should only speak for myself and not about you. I'm noticing a slight attachment to fixing you without honoring where you actually are."

Where we, Bob and I, were was in the garden preparing a new bed for the garlic. After amending and amen-ing the soil, I dug twenty little holes, little cocoons for the Chesnok Red, Bogatyr, Music Pink and Susanville garlic purchased from Jay at Burgess Falls Nursery. As I placed the bulbs each one in a dark little hole, I hummed a lullaby and explained that they were about to be covered in dirt. Although it might seem to be the end of their journey, in reality this was the beginning. Some of them might wonder if they would ever see the light again.

"Remember the light is in each of you. Pay attention. Trust your senses. You'll begin to feel the urge to emerge. You'll sense when it's time to grow toward the warmth," I shared.

Bob smiled. This was the human he had grown to love. She might have several projects going at once, but she ultimately remembered the truth.

Bob though was discovering his voice so he had to chime in. "Give my Buds here a few months and I guarantee you if we were out here 24/7 we'd begin to hear mumblings and rumblings that went something like this:

Chesnok Red: I'm heading up and outta here. Tired of waiting. Who's going with me?

Music Pink: I, I, I don't think it's time. Remember the Voice said timing's important.

Bogatyr: I missed that day in class. Did we have a lesson in timing?

Chesnok: There are no instructions, kid. There was no class. The Voice said to trust our senses and my sense says it's time. You grow it alone or you don't grow.

Music Pink: I think your ego's what's growing, Ches. What I heard was we would begin to feel the urge to emerge.

Suasanville: Chesnok, I'm feeling the urge to merge with you, but I'll wait for your return.

Bogatyr: It was emerge, not merge, Sue. The light is within each of us. Chesnok doesn't hold your light.

Susanville: You're just jealous, because if you do actually have a light, it can't be as pretty as mine. Not with a name like Boga-whatever

Music Pink: I just don't want to look like a fool. In my world of music, it's all about timing.

Bogatyr: No one will want me even if I do grow right.

Susanville (batting her bulb lashes): Show us the way, Chesnok.

Music Pink: Your Chesnok's already gone. He's gotta be first.

Bogatyr: Stop it, you two. Haven't you heard what they do to you once you arrive up there, up wherever? They cut you up, chop you up then saute or bake you. I'm staying put right where I am. It may be dark down here but at least it's familiar. It's safe.

Back in the garden....Bob adds, "My Buds will have forgotten the wisdom you shared with them. They'll get caught up in the backstory, their roles and story lines and forget the Under Story, their raison d'etre.

"Whoa, their raisin what?" I asked.

"Their reason for being, for being here on Earth or in their case down under in the earth. My Buds will forget they're not here to compete to see who can grow fastest, biggest or best. They're not here to be carrots or potatoes. They're here to be fully themselves. Yet these strongly held stories and ways of thinking about themselves passed on through the family line or dreamed up in the quiet of their own minds will ultimately separate them from who they really are and in turn separate them from one another. This in turn will contribute at a quantum level to the collective energy of separation on the planet. Forgetting one's reason for being impacts the individual and the collective...."

"Wait, wait, wait." I needed Bob to stop for a bit, to slow down but he was on a roll.

"Don't try to remember it all. Start with your reason for being, allow it to come to you. Don't go mentally chasing after it. It's all about the light like you told my buds, the bulbs. Allow the warmth of love to draw you out, don't resist the fertilizers of tears and fears, they call you into your fullness. Invite your purpose to grow from the rich darkness in your own soul fed by the varied experiences of your journey. That's when you'll begin to find your raisin, as you called it."

Bob, knowing I learn best when taught visually, was busy demonstrating one of the truths I need to amend into my personal soil. His little yellow hat poking through the earth reminds me that I, like you, am a carrier of the Light. I've lost this truth in dark times forgetting darkness provides ingredients for the journey. That when the external lights are low, we develop resilience as well as discover the brightness of our inner light and find community.

My insides would continue to be amended, but my soul was Amen-ing Bob's wisdom. I smiled grateful to have a wise StoryWeaver like Bob to help in this process as well as the newly planted garlic bulbs reminding me of the journey through the Garden of life.
-Dawn! The Good News Muse and Bob, her Gardening Guru

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